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Advertising Channels

Selecting an Advertising Channel

There are many forms of advertising. Print, media and television are three immediate ones that come to mind. The new kid on the block is online advertising, and this is fast replacing other forms as a viable alternative due to its large reach, low cost and other reasons. The type of advertising is also different for different media. Media solution agencies in India ensure that design elements, content writing and product descriptions all change based on the type of channel used for advertising.

So how do you decide which channel to use for your product? Well that depends on the type of product. The factors that come into play here are type of market, size of market and market consumption. You have to be very careful in choosing which channel to go with as this can have a profound impact on the sales of your product. If you spend a lot of money in advertising, but spend it all on the wrong channel, it’s nothing but an enormous waste.

It is necessary to know your market inside out before proceeding with a certain channel. The biggest rule to follow while selecting an advertising channel is this: Use the channel that your market will use the most.

Confusing? Not really. What it means is that if your market predominantly watches television, you have to invest in television advertising the most. A few more examples will make this clear.

For instance, if you are marketing a product whose primary market is senior citizens, spending the bulk of your advertising budget on internet advertising doesn’t make sense. Most of them will not use the internet, and so will simply not see your advertisement. So agencies in India would go for TV or print media, as this is the channel that old people use the most.

However, it is also important to make sure that you spend some of your budget on the internet as well. In this particular example, the children of people using your products might notice it online and thus purchase it for their parents.

All in all, it doesn’t abode well to neglect any one channel completely. At the same time, it also isn’t good to invest a lot in one single channel. There should be different grades of investments, with the most important channel getting the most money. Online presence should not be neglected.

Advertising Channel

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Is Online Advertising Replacing Traditional Advertising

With more and more companies adopting online advertising, you may ask is online advertising the future of advertising and will advertising in traditional media gradually peter away? This is a question that has been discussed and debated all around the globe. The online media definitely has gained quite a lot of precedence among businesses who want to expand their business and reach out to their target audiences more instantaneously. But the future of traditional media being bleak is questionable?

More and more companies are now opting for online media for advertising because of the reach and efficacy that it has. More and more people are now registering online for business, education, recreation etc and this has led to a huge database of online users. Most brand agencies in India are now focussing on using the online platform for brand promotion activities because of the several advantages it offers.

On the other hand, companies have not shunned the practice of advertising in traditional media such as newspapers and television channels. The advent of new age media sure has led to traditional media taking a backseat in the advertising world, but the latter is still important and figures high in advertisement plans of most brands. This is because of the fact that although a major section of the population has switched over to the digital world, there is still a large section of the world that still relies on the traditional media.

Especially in rural India, where Internet is yet to establish its influence, traditional media plays an important role. Also there are smaller cities in the country, where people aren’t as dependent on the Internet as their fellowmen are in metro cities. Keeping these customers in mind, brand agencies in India do not rule out traditional media from their advertising plans.

Advertising is very vast in its approach and there are several channels and elements through which it reaches out to its audience. It is the interplay of all these elements that make a campaign successful. So ruling out one over the other, may not necessarily result in successful brand promotion.

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How Social Media Advertising Can Improve Your Revenues

As you might be aware that social media is becoming increasingly popular across the globe. Social media not just connects people but allows them to build a bond digitally. Social media has successfully eliminated geographical distances and made the world a smaller place. People can share, comment and like each others pictures, videos and posts and stay connected all the time. With the advent of Smartphones and Android phones, social media has gone mobile. Now people can access these social media sites anywhere and everywhere, without having access to a desktop or laptop.

This huge penetration of social media has led ad agencies in Mumbai to create social media advertisements. The popularity of social media among the Indian masses has led to ad agencies using these platforms for brand promotion. There are several advantages of using social media for advertising. Social media allows you to get a bigger audience for your promotional campaigns as compared to the traditional media.

When you advertise in a newspaper or a television channel, there is a limitation to how much you can measure the success of your campaign. Social media allows you direct interaction with your target audience. Several companies set up fan pages for their users wherein they can directly interact with their customers, gather feedback and address grievances. It also serves as a measurable database of customers that can be approached to quantify the impact of an advertisement.

One of the major advantages of social media advertising is that it is much more affordable than advertising in traditional media. The air time costs of a television channel or the space costs in a leading newspaper can incur huge expenditure and can eat into most of your advertising budget. Social media on the other hand has greater and instantaneous reach and will cost you much lesser. So, if you are a small company that cannot frequent advertising in traditional media, social media advertising can be your game changer.


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Advertising Communication

How Does Advertising Facilitate Communication

Besides operations and customer service, every company needs to focus on the communication channels it opens up with its consumer base to ensure success in its business. Communication is integral for success of a business entity. Communication can be undertaken by way of published paid content or by cleverly designed advertisements. Till a few years ago, advertising had a very straightforward approach and the focus was mainly on promotion rather than on the communication.

Today, the approach is focused mainly on the messaging. Messaging is extremely important as it communicates more than just the details of the product that is being promoted. Nowadays, ad agencies in Mumbai are focusing on the message that is communicated to the target audience and designing advertisements that are more effective. You will notice that these days advertisements touch on social issues and make their advertisements more communicative. The common man can relate to these advertisements because of the messaging that has been adopted.

These days companies hire advertising agencies in India which help them in creating such advertisements. Such advertisements not only help in promoting the brand and the product, but also facilitate a better brand recall value among their consumers. The brand reputation is increased when an advertisement showcases the values and principles that the company believes in. Today, advertisements have become a way in which the company expresses its pledge to contribute to the society, thus instilling brand loyalty among their consumers.

If you are a business owner and want to showcase your company and products in a unique light before your customers, you can seek help from the leading advertisement agencies in India. On surfing the Internet, you will come across a large number of campaigns that different brands have undertaken to position their brand in a more consumer centric light. This helps them in not only retaining their existing customers but also getting more and more customers to like and buy their products.

Communication thus plays an important role in effective advertising. You will find several companies that offer excellent advertising services.

Advertising Communication


Online Advertising

How Online Advertising Can Boost Your Sales

Happy New Year 2016 To All Readers,
With the digital platform growing larger and larger by the day, more and more companies are turning to digital advertising. Although traditional advertising is still being used by business to promote their products, online advertising is gaining more precedence. This is because of the several advantages that online advertising offers. The digital world is growing day by day and reaching out to target audiences is much easier as compared to traditional advertising media.

If you are a business owner, here are a few reasons for you to consider online marketing for your brand. These pointers will tell you how beneficial online business can be in boosting your sales and enhancing your profits.

  1. More Affordable
    Advertising in the traditional media can be quite expensive. Especially running television commercials and print advertisements in leading dailies can eat into your budget. Online advertising is less expensive and much more affordable. Also, it gives you deeper penetration and a larger audience.
  1. Better conversion rates
    One of the major advantages that online advertising gives you is that of a better conversion rate. You can draw attention of more and more people through advertisement campaigns and measure the number of visitors you get on your websites.
  1. Quantifiable metrics
    Advertising in the traditional media does not allow you to measure the impact they have caused. However, on the digital platform the impact of your advertising campaign can be clearly measured. If you have the right creative agency in Mumbai by your side, you can make your digital advertising campaign a huge success and also measure the impact that it has caused.
  1. Direct engagement with consumers
    Your online advertisements allow you to engage directly with your consumers. You can collect their reactiosn and feedback through a social media profile. This allows you to measure the success of your campaign.

There are several creative advertising agencies in Mumbai that can help you design the perfect advertising campaign to influence your customer base in the right way.

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Print media Advertising vs. Online Marketing

Print media Advertising vs. Online Marketing

When was the last time you picked up the newspaper? Is print media really dying? Most of us come across the recent incidents through social media or on-line newspapers. Those who don’t read the e-papers are on sites, entertaining people from all ages and all parts of the world. These platforms are often exploited to promote products and services. Whenever we hear of something we are unaware of, the first thing that comes to our mind is the idea of googling it. Yes! We can find the solution to our every question and problem on internet. Does that mean we do not require the newspapers and magazines anymore?
You don’t think Playboy is going to stop printing! Do you?

Print media is a business that will never go out of style! Though you find all the information you need to know on the internet, we often forget that almost half of the world does not have access to this wonderful deity. That half of the world still reads newspapers and magazines. Print media advertising still gives a huge number of customers to our local Indian businesses. How will you ever get to know about the ‘ Diwali Dhamaka in your next-door mall if you don’t read the newspaper? Print media largely promotes local services and the government also prints a good number of advertisements. Legal tenders and notices, TV program schedules, Local art exhibition etc.: all local events are promoted through print media in your local newspapers.

In the case of on-line marketing, we are exposed to national and international products at the same time. However, what if we just need the information about local services next door? Here is where our newspapers and pamphlets come in. Brand agencies in India; have two hands extending on both the print media as well as the on-line marketing platform. We will definitely buy that branded jeans from the shopping centre in the heart of the city or we will search for the same on-line to compare prices. On-line marketing is useful to the sellers as well as the buyers. The sellers can connect to a larger number of people and the buyers can make decisions based on reviews from other customers.

To finally conclude, there are plenty of things that print media advertising offers us that on-line platform cannot in such a concise and precise manner. On the other hand, on-line marketing has the potential to take one’s business international and reach maximum number of potential customers with increase in international sales.


Print media Advertising vs. Online Marketing

Advertisements Trends Of 2015

Advertisements Trends Of 2015

As we reach the end of year 2014, we need to keep our eyes open to watch out for the latest trends in marketing. As quoted by John O’Toole “When executing advertising, it’s best to think of yourself as an uninvited guest in the living room of a prospect who has the magical power to make you disappear instantly.” In this world of competition, being careful is indeed very important or you risk losing thousands of potential customers.

Addressable Marketing:
Never heard of Addressable Marketing before? Well, consider yourselves lucky that you are going to no about it in no time because it is soon going to change the advertising scenario in our country. Addressable marketing is when the potential customers are displayed with ads that cater or might cater to their needs. All of us must have noticed Google ads. They work in the same way. About 42 million households in the USA already have addressable marketing.

Mobile and online advertising:
Statistics of online advertising are ever growing. The online advertising in India stood at an estimated of Rs 2750 crores in March 2014. It is also estimated that it will potentially grow to reach Rs 3575 crores by March 2015. On-line advertisement has grown from FY 2013 -FY2014 by 22%. By the FY201+-5, we will see a rise of about 30%. Search ads contributed 38% to this share, followed by 29% from display ads and 13% from social media. There are plenty of design studios in India that take care of digital designing as well as print advertising solutions.

Display and search ads dominate the internet in India. The amount people spend on mobile apps and games has also increased in the past few years. We have mobile web advertising, SMS advertising, MMS advertising, In-app advertising, mobile-TV advertising etc. We cannot escape from them!


Guerilla Marketing:
It is an unusual approach but it works. You must have seen the new car from Toyota parked in an elevated platform in the mall you went to yesterday. Weren’t there are a few people sitting around the car? Hey! Some people from bank were there too. Guerilla marketing is observable in places that attract huge crowds, shopping centers and malls. Even in online platforms, marketing like product give away and free samples are a part of guerilla marketing. It brings the businesses closer to their customers as they receive valuable feedbacks and customers. These types of marketing campaigns are usually the products of creative advertising agencies.

Advertisements Trend Of 2015


Communication Agencies in India

Communication Agencies Taking the Lead

India’s economy is developing at a rapid rate, thanks to our prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi who is constantly bringing “good days”. With the new deals signed with Russia, we can expect a tremendous growth in our technology as well as defense sector. A majority of our population consists of youths who are either working for MNCs or starting up their own business. A rise in economy means rise in the earning of citizens which will result in consumption and selling of more and more goods.

Communication Agencies are an essential part of a strong society. Let it be the election of our leaders or purchase of a new microwave oven, when people are well informed, they make the right decisions. Indian advertising agencies play a major role in our economy and our lives.

Small business start ups are on the rise and it is way easy to start a small business today. We have on-line platforms where we can sell our products ranging from a television set to a spoon, without having to spend thousands or lakhs in the process of setting up a store in the city. We can even buy domains on-line with the name of our choice and design it according to our needs. We can do it all ourselves or we can ask the professionals to do it.

Communication is a blend of art and science. The main motive of any advertising agency is to build a relationship between the brand and the customers. Communication agencies provide you with a variety of options of marketing your product to the maximum of the target audience. They use modern methods, marketing tools, innovative processes for developing the most effective communication plans and brand strategies.

If we are getting something for around 20 units cheaper than what the local store is offering, and to add icing to the cake, the product is delivered at our doorstep without any delivery charges. What can be better than this? All of us will leave the conventional way of shopping and take the cheaper online way.

Now these on-line platforms, where a large number of people are connected to each other, are providing new means for those who only dreamt of starting their own small businesses a few years ago. Communication agency has turned our lives around and everything is available at the tip of our fingers. There are plenty of agencies that offer advertising options on platforms that are flooded with users from all around the world. One can take their business to an international level at the small price of internet bill and a little more efforts on communication agencies. These agencies cater to all of your on-line selling queries. Communications agencies have a lot to offer when working with clients on social media. These agencies bring to use their special knowledge of creating strategy, internal education, and organizational social media development. They offer web/digital designing, media buying, content development etc.

Being based on the communication industry, the amount you spend on advertising through a communication agency is literally a small price to pay. The communication agency is a promising field that has revolutionized the age of advertising.

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hire design studios in India

Why should you hire design studios in India for building your website?

Every business worth its salt today has a website that showcases its services or products and other information. Although there are many platforms available that allow you to create your own website, these websites turn out to be simplistic both in terms of layouts and functioning. In order to make an impact online, you need to have a well constructed website, replete with impressive content and web programming for making it appear on the top rungs of Google’s search list. Unless a website appears in the top 2 search pages of Google’s result list, it fails to make much impact in the online space.

Design studios in India not only design your website using web development applications and mappings, they also manage the publicity of the website to ensure you generate enough revenue from it. They take care of the brand strategy and social media marketing of your website through promotional campaigns online, pay per click campaigns, video blogs, and other promotional campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Design studios in India have PHP developers, web designers and coding experts who look into the development of websites on various platforms such as Joomla, Magento and Word press. They also handle content management systems and customer relationship management. Design studios code the program for your website to pave the way for the incorporation of keywords used by most users to seek out particular services and products related to your own domain. They also keep shuffling content and keywords in order to keep up with the current trends in the market.

Some design studios in India also offer the services of application development for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone platforms. A lot of companies nowadays have applications which are downloaded by users for their smartphones. The template for these applications is also developed by design studios.

The role played by design studios has become significant in the online scenario because they can make a website popular almost overnight. Website owners can track the effectiveness of different campaigns and the growth in their traffic through the tools provided by various web development platforms. Design studios in India incorporate the suggestions of clients for making the site more useful and closer to the essence of the service/product that it has been dedicated to.

Therefore it is hardly surprising that entrepreneurs and business owners rely heavily on the mushrooming number of web design studios of India for their website based needs.

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trends of the Indian advertising

Changing trends of the Indian advertising scene

Advertising is an age old concept, having begun with word-of-mouth publicity. Over time, newer methods of advertising were developed such as public announcements, newspapers, and billboards, flyers, television, radio and the internet. Advertorial campaigns are designed in a way to entice a sizeable proportion of the population for purchasing different goods and services. Any media agency in India comes up with campaigns for the television network, newspapers and internet which would attract the largest possible buyer base.

In recent times, social media has taken over as the main form of advertisements with the outreach of the internet expanding every year. The media allows both interactive sessions and unidirectional flow of information. They allow consumers to become an integral part of the purchase process by including their contributions to campaigns. Rating techniques, opinion polls and audience feedbacks are some of the ways through which a media agency in India collects information from the masses about their preferences and tastes. The latest marketing techniques involve targeting different customer groups for a particular product. This includes profiling a customer’s internet usage pattern to come up with the right products that s/he would be interested in buying. Not only is this method cost effective, it is also more result driven as you know the spending habits of the person you are targeting.

Target based marketing is quite popular for urban centers and rural areas alike, thanks to the increased usage of the internet in non-urban centers. There are 214 million internet users in the country which serves as a significant base that needs to be tapped for selling consumer products and services.

However, this in no way suggests that the importance of print media is lost. The print media is particularly useful because a lot of people are unfamiliar with the way the internet works or cannot access it every day. A print ad agency in India tries to come up with the most lucrative captions and images to titillate a particular consumer group and position a product accordingly. A good print ad agency in India also makes extensive usage of billboards, pamphlets and flyers for releasing advertisements.

The advertising world has indeed become more competitive for a media agency in India because each one is vying for the attention of 1.2 billion Indians.

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