Advertisements Trends Of 2015

Advertisements Trends Of 2015

As we reach the end of year 2014, we need to keep our eyes open to watch out for the latest trends in marketing. As quoted by John O’Toole “When executing advertising, it’s best to think of yourself as an uninvited guest in the living room of a prospect who has the magical power to make you disappear instantly.” In this world of competition, being careful is indeed very important or you risk losing thousands of potential customers.

Addressable Marketing:
Never heard of Addressable Marketing before? Well, consider yourselves lucky that you are going to no about it in no time because it is soon going to change the advertising scenario in our country. Addressable marketing is when the potential customers are displayed with ads that cater or might cater to their needs. All of us must have noticed Google ads. They work in the same way. About 42 million households in the USA already have addressable marketing.

Mobile and online advertising:
Statistics of online advertising are ever growing. The online advertising in India stood at an estimated of Rs 2750 crores in March 2014. It is also estimated that it will potentially grow to reach Rs 3575 crores by March 2015. On-line advertisement has grown from FY 2013 -FY2014 by 22%. By the FY201+-5, we will see a rise of about 30%. Search ads contributed 38% to this share, followed by 29% from display ads and 13% from social media. There are plenty of design studios in India that take care of digital designing as well as print advertising solutions.

Display and search ads dominate the internet in India. The amount people spend on mobile apps and games has also increased in the past few years. We have mobile web advertising, SMS advertising, MMS advertising, In-app advertising, mobile-TV advertising etc. We cannot escape from them!


Guerilla Marketing:
It is an unusual approach but it works. You must have seen the new car from Toyota parked in an elevated platform in the mall you went to yesterday. Weren’t there are a few people sitting around the car? Hey! Some people from bank were there too. Guerilla marketing is observable in places that attract huge crowds, shopping centers and malls. Even in online platforms, marketing like product give away and free samples are a part of guerilla marketing. It brings the businesses closer to their customers as they receive valuable feedbacks and customers. These types of marketing campaigns are usually the products of creative advertising agencies.

Advertisements Trend Of 2015


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