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Top Digital Campaigns all over the World


More brands are realizing the value of personal and customized interaction with consumers. This is due to the boom of digital advertising which has helped brand reach out to their customers in an engaging and friendly way. This blog talks about most successful digital campaigns all over the world.

So here is the list of top ten digital campaigns all over the world –

  •  Volkswagen: ‘Polo Tag’ Social Test Drives


In this campaign which was in 2014 in three major cities South Africa, it worked on as a social campaign which ran for 6 days. It was a real-world social game challenging people to spot the new Polo around a specified route, tag it on twitter, and then test drive it, right there and then. A person, who drove it for the longest, without being tagged, won the new Polo. While hundreds of others got in the cars to experience the new Polo first hand, which helped create some social buzz around the new car.

  •  Nike ‘Phenomenal Shot’ Real-Time Ads


This campaign came out in 2014 in which Nike teamed up with Google to create Real-Time ads that would let fans celebrate, re-mix, customize as well as share the celebration with their friends around the world. No downloading of app was required. With each ‘Phenomenal Shot’ ad of a sponsored Nike player going live for 10 seconds after the moment had happened in the game. Then fans can spin 360° around a Nike athlete by tilting and panning their mobile device.

  •  McVitie’s: Shoot The Cookies Chrome Extension


This 2014 UK campaign created a unique Chrome extension that might be initiated the “war between biscuits and cookies”. By adding Shoot the Cookies extension to your Chrome browser, you will be able to get rid all of your Internet cookies that track your internet usage in a fun and entertaining way.

  •  McDonald: LOADED The Social Film


This campaign was launched in Australia, in which the social film was directed by their fans in an epic content series that has had over 3 Million fans help write, direct and provide ideas for the film in real-time. It was shot over two weeks, with an episode launching about every 3 days as they gathered ideas, scripts and direction from their fan base, before turning that into each film, that would go on to shape the next installment depending on what fans wants to happen, culminating in this 8-Minute short film.

  •  MINI Roadster: The Psychic Roadster -


This campaign was launched in UK in 2014, starting with the billboards which would tell you what lies ahead, incorporating paid search that reminds you it knew you were coming and ultimately ends up with an interactive, personalized psychic reading powered by your IP address. It would also give weather feeds, local places of interest and etymology to convince you the reading is somewhat true. The Psychic readings reveal a future of exciting adventures with the MINI Roadster, delivered across desktop, tablet and mobile experiences.

  •  KFC: The WiFi Test –


Recently launched campaign in 2016, where every KFC store in Romania would gave away free-WiFi to school kids, who could answer test-questions that were individually organize from past national test papers and school teachers across the country. This was a new and innovative way to educate the students.

These campaigns are an example of how digital advertising is booming and replacing the old traditional media vehicle.  

10 signs you should invest in Digital Media

Rego Advertising

Rego Advertising

Internet is a world that can take you by storm.  Before internet became a “BUDDY” and a “LIFE SAVER” for those who needed to access information by just clicking a few buttons. We often forget the other side of this world let’s look at the other side of the internet –digital media.

Why is it important? You may ask as long as one gets access to their respective Facebook pages, browse videos and news feed endlessly. Digital media is the process of reaching out to clients and it is emerging as a very successful communication method for those who access the internet. All companies today are starting to understand the importance of digital media to communicate their ideas. Here are 10 reasons as to why you should invest in digital media today.


Every client today or at least every brand today wants to promote its particular product to a great extent. Through digital marketing promoting the brands and products is maximizing. It is possible to promote in a creative way, and social media promotions help as more than half of the world are on different social media.


Digital media today is using something known as what I like to call the Maximus rule. Here your content reaches so many people at one shot when you’re probably sitting in the comfort of your cabin.


Content –the most important part. The content a person creates on digital media is probably viewed with much more attention. Today when people grab something to eat and are on their way reading news from various news apps, it is perhaps a common thing hence the content on digital media is viewed and understood better because when you want to know something in short you usually read it like this.


Who said that you can’t have fun while working? When you’re working with digital media you’re basically using social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and all these are being used for “WORK”! I don’t think I need to say anything further.


Gone are the days when small businesses needed a fax or some type of acknowledgement to understand how many people it has reached. With traditional marketing one can easily boost posts. You can see the numbers of visitors that visit your page daily, website clicks, peak trading times and much more just by a touch of a button.

  1. VIRAL:-

How often do your flyers get passed around by customers and prospects? How easily news can be shared without being interrupted? Your one message has actually been seen by 15 new prospects, now imagine a number of them also like and share your message and their friends do the same! Digital marketing can be very effective in this effect.


With digital marketing you can encourage your prospects, clients and followers to take action, visit your website, read about your products and services, rate them buy them and provide feedback which is visible to your market.   So it doesn’t take long for good publicity to enhance the prospects of your business.


We all don’t want to be told what to do and like when our privacy is kept intact. For instance, a company is looking a way to inform their customers about their product and yet not invade their privacy. Digital marketing is a very effective way of doing things and not intruding on other people’s privacy.


A well-maintained website with quality content targets the need of your target audience and thus attracts more people to visit your website.

10. Low budget:-

The other thing about digital media is the low budget. Whether you use Facebook and the other social media sites it uses the minimum amount for promotions and other stuff.


The world of digital media is something that is very different from the internet. It can change the way you use marketing to reach out to people. It is very easy and fun to do as well. I definitely would invest most of my time in digital media what about you?


4 Money Saving Tips That Work Every Time

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#Rego Advertising

Once you start getting your paychecks for your work, it’s really tempting to spend it all on everything you set your sights on. While you need the money for basic expenses like travelling, food, bills, etc. At times it’s nice to spend that money on things you may not need but still want to buy it. And before you’ve realized it, you end up spending your entire salary without saving anything. However, it’s not too late, all you need to do is start saving, even if it’s less, but at least it’s a start.

Another important thing to consider is where and how to save money. Fortunately for you it won’t be a problem as we have rounded up 4 failsafe ways for you to save money.

Record your expenses


The first step in saving money is to know how much you spend. Try making a list of your expenses and find out where your money really goes. Record even the smallest of expenses like buying a small pack of gum or a coffee at the cafeteria. Practice this habit for a month and you will come to know, every detail of your expenses. It will also help you to limit your spending on various things and save more money too.

Make a budget plan


Once you know how much your expenses are, the next step is to create a budget. Planning your budget involves dividing your expenses into ones that incur regularly and other small expenses. A budget plan ensures that you don’t over-spend on certain things and keep the money you’ve saved for emergency.

Shop Online


In today’s digital age, almost everything is available online; one needs not go to their local store when they can buy it online, that too at a cheaper rate. Many people don’t make the most of this and end up paying even more for things that could be bought at a discount online. Online shopping benefits many on a limited budget and you too can opt for this.

Set reasonable savings goals


When you want to buy something you really need, saving money for it is really easier. That’s why, it’s necessary to set a savings goal, especially one that can be easily achieved. If your goal is to buy a new home or save for retirement, it’s important to monitor its progress otherwise you might lose sight of it and end up spending that money on other expenses.

Although saving money at times might not be easier, especially in cases when money is tight, it’s important to remember that the money you save now will benefit you a lot in the long run. So make it a point to save your money at every available opportunity you get and sooner you’ll be saving more than spending it.

What will generation be like in 100 years?


In the next century, our generation will have undergone a massive change. Just like each and every passing century. Even many films have been made, depicting how our future generation would probably be like. The most common factor in all these films was how our generation would be living side by side with robots. Technology would have advanced into something even better. Many new cities would have emerged. Though all these are just speculations, some of them might be true.

Here are some speculative points over what our generation is going to be like in the next century:

  1. They will have the ability to communicate through thought transmission

Telepathy is a common theme in almost every other sci-fi flick. And the future generation would be able to use it. Whether the communication would be through electrical signals or words is yet to be seen.

  1. They will be able to control the weather

Climate change? Global warming? It will be a thing of the past as the future generation will have the means to create technology that can control the weather. A wonderful technology like this could help in ending droughts and control the unruly weather.

  1. Space travel will be common for them

While we in the 21st century have visited other planets through satellites and rovers, in the 22nd century the future generation will be able to travel those planets easily. Just like we frequent other countries and collect our frequent flier miles, the new generation will be collecting their space travel miles.

  1. Clothes that clean themselves would be a reality for them

Don’t you hate it when you spill some ketchup on your tees? Having to clean it again would be such a bothering chore. Obviously, the case won’t be the same 100 years into the future. Mankind would have easily invented clothes that clean themselves, making washing machines a relic of the past.

  1. They will have software to predict traffic jams before they occur

Nobody likes to be stuck in a traffic jam. Even if that jam lasts for a few minutes. Although there are apps today that can tell where a traffic jam has occurred, they can’t predict where the next one will appear. Luckily the future generation will be able to use software that can predict where a traffic jam will occur and can easily avoid it.

In today’s time, we are already seeing major advancements in terms of technology, medicine, science, etc. everything that will benefit the coming generation. For now, the best we could do is to make sure that the future generations won’t have to suffer from any wrong-doings of our current generation. And also ensure that we leave a better world for them to live in.

10 Myths about Money


Coins and plant, isolated on white background

Money is something that drives us all to spend our adult life trying to earn more of. We can’t live without it and cannot live with it too. However, some people have built this misconception about having money that really isn’t true. In this blog we discuss these topics and bust some myths that people have regarding money

Here are 10 myths about money that everyone should know:

Buying things on sale is a great way to save money


People love buying a lot of things during sale, but in reality, buying things on sale has little to do with saving money. Unless you stop at the bank and deposit the difference between the sale price and the regular price, you’re not saving at all. At best, you’re simply spending less.

More money you earn, the happier you’ll be


One thing that everyone should know by now is that money doesn’t equals happiness. The people who earn a lot of money end up spending more as their standard of living grows. Even some research shows that what you spend your money on influences your happiness.

Money is the root of all evil


The truth is that money isn’t good or bad, it’s what you do with it that matters. You have to know that money is about choice, and you can use it to reach your goals, whether, to you, it means creating a savings account so that you don’t have to worry, donating it to charity or leaving it for your kids.

It’s too risky to invest your money

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In reality, it’s too risky to not invest your money. Suppose you have stashed some money you’ve saved in a savings account, the chances of losing that money to inflation is higher than investing it.

It’s better to use cash than credit cards while shopping


While cash may come in handy for making purchases but using credit cards has its benefits also. Making purchases via credit cards lets us review how much we spend in one, consolidated place. Plus, credit cards offer protection like insurance for purchases, travel insurance, and the ability to dispute charges.

Wanting money doesn’t make you selfish or materialistic


Money gives you the means to lead the kind of life you want: fulfilling, interesting, secure and independent. Being financially rich gives you choices so you can live a more rewarding life.

Making money isn’t a race


Competition certainly fuels some people’s desire to make more money and sometimes these competitors tend to do things that they shouldn’t for bigger payoffs. But if you stay focused on your own goals and ignore the competitors you will obviously earn more.

You don’t need to have more money to make more money


Small sums can add up to big dividends if you properly use the money you have. People with less money often tend to spend the money they have. Whereas, people with more money think twice before spending it as they rather have more money than none.

Time is money


Quoted by Benjamin Franklin, this statement is true in a sense that earning a salary generally involves the expenditure of time. However, the actual meaning of this statement is to make money even while you’re not working. That’s why investments, royalties and property are important in the acquisition of wealth.

More money means less time with family


If you make a lot of money that means you get to spend less time with your family. This is obviously a myth as if you design and plan your lifestyle the right way, you’ll have plenty of time to spend with your family and make money at the same time.

What Will Advertising Be Like In 100 Years?

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Advertising is an industry that has evolved with the times. It started with a single piece of paper that soon transformed into a billboard, then radio, and then television until finally it made its presence in the digital world. This makes one wonder what advertising is going to be like in a hundred years.

Obviously, technology is going to play a bigger part. Along with the digital medium that is growing at a rapid pace. But the biggest change will be in the traditional medium like print, radio and television. Traditional advertising will give way to more unconventional and innovative methods.

Here’s what the future holds for the advertising industry in 100 years:


With the rise of people using tablets and smart phones to access the news and read magazines, print ads won’t be around that much. Instead they will be present in the e-zines or e-papers.


Radio is perhaps the oldest form of advertising that is still relevant today. Nowadays with the whole world being on the internet even radio stations have made their presence online. Whether this affects the way advertising is done in radio is yet to be seen.


When television advertising started some sixty years ago, it changed the way people advertised their products. It was seen as a revolutionary medium then, and now with video streaming sites online, it isn’t as effective as it was. In the future too, instead of television, the ads will be shown in video streaming sites just like the ones seen in streaming site like YouTube.


In the digital medium, which today although is still in its early years has started to make its impact felt. Today many brands advertise in the digital space instead of the traditional medium. In the future too, digital will have involved into something extraordinary and might replace traditional as the primary medium for advertising.

Even though its 100 years into the future, one thing that’s for sure, is that advertising will still exist as it does today. Whether it will be impactful or not is something to wonder about…

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Media Topics That Need More Coverage



These days the media channels are flooded with news that isn’t relevant to the things happening around us. Many important topics are ignored by them, which results in it being ignored by us. Their practice of broadcasting news topics that seems sensational by giving it more coverage is pretty common nowadays. They know which stories sell more and which doesn’t because of the reaction of the people. It doesn’t help the fact that majority of the people on social media oppose their version of news and want to know what’s actually happening around them.

With that in mind, here is a list of topics that needs  more coverage from the media, instead of their usual off topic news broadcasts:

  1. Terrorism


Terrorism had existed in the past and is still present in many countries. While our media reacts strongly to the prosecution of the terrorists almost making them into some kind of hero. What they don’t report or question is the time taken by the government to capture and pronounce the terrorists guilty despite knowing them to be so.

  1. Farmer Suicide


Farmer Suicide is something that’s been around for a long time. While some people work hard to ensure that these farmers aren’t affected, the media doesn’t report until some known person or celebrity does something for their cause.

  1. Drought


Drought is the worst thing that can happen anywhere and for quite a long period of time the drought situation in Maharashtra has been ignored by the media. It wasn’t until the government decided to do something about this that they reported the situation to the public in the papers and news channels.

  1. Border Disputes


While our troops engage almost daily with the firings from the other side of the border, unless something disastrous happens, the people have no knowledge of it. This is a major and a sensitive issue as we might not know what if tomorrow we are invaded by militants from the neighbouring countries.

  1. Corruption / Scams


For a short period of time corruption / scams are reported by the media in honesty and leads to the point till they catch the culprit. After that the whole thing vanishes, from the papers to the news channels. It does resurfaces sometime later but by that time the public has forgotten what the whole thing was about.

News- Is it useful and how we might fix it


Everyone watches news channels or read about news in the paper or in social media. Without news one might not be aware of certain events that are happening around them. News basically ranges from different topics and you can find news about sports, politics, world, nation, local, etc. You can find news everywhere in papers, television and online. With a country as diverse as ours, you can find news in various languages too.

Arriving at the main question of the topic – is news useful? I would say it really is, but it depends upon your resources. In today’s age with everything going digital one does not really have to wait for the news to tell what’s going on, people find the topics themselves before it becomes anything major. The only problem is that it may not be relevant or authentic and at times that’s what most people will perceive as the original version.

Even though it being a problem, it is something that cannot easily be fixed unless more people know about it. If it were up to me, this is how I would do it:

  1. Educate

The more people know about the difference between satire news articles and the original news the easier it becomes for them to trust the news. There are also many other news publishing sites which many don’t know but at times post many helpful news articles. It will be better if more people are aware of such news sites.

  1. Post my own take of the news

If I write about the news the way I perceived it, it will help people understand what the news was about rather than make their own assumptions. Plus this will encourage more and more people to write their own take of the news, thereby making people aware of what’s happening around them without referring to news articles.

  1. Use social media

With social media it becomes easier to connect with more people and spread the news faster than any other medium. The audience in these sites is mostly youngsters and exposing them to what’s happening around them along with asking their opinion of the current news is a great way to educate them.

Surely, we all read the news and follow it from time to time be it in the news channels or online but one thing that many agree on is that it is useful.

Could I Quit My Day Job?


Day jobs are something that everyone is expected to do once they have decided on their career path. Many adapt to it once they get the hang of things, but it doesn’t hold the same for everyone. There comes a point of time in our lives when we ask ourselves the question, ‘Is this what I am meant to do for the rest of my life?’, and that’s when some of us take the most important decision of our lives ever – quit our job.

Quitting a job is not an easy decision and some even reconsider, but before you quit do consider the following points:

  • Am I financially stable to look after myself even without a job?
  • Have I planned out what to do once I quit my job?
  • My decision to quit the job is final and I won’t back out.

Once you’ve quit your job you’ll ask yourself the next important question, ‘what next?’ Unless you haven’t figured it out, you don’t have to worry, because you’ve got plenty of time until you find something worth doing. Till then you can try out one of these things:



Visit places that you haven’t been to in a long while, if you don’t have a list of places that you want to visit, make one and check them off once you do.



If you love to write, then you can start your own blog and you can also make some money off of it. This way you’ll have a hobby that will also pay you.



Have some books that you want to read but didn’t have the time to? Well now is as good a time as any to start reading.



Did those years of work put you out of shape? Then you need to start exercising. It’s not necessary to hit the gym, some jogging and long walks work better than spending hours lifting weights.



Pick up an old hobby that you had quit or even better start a new one. You’d get to learn something new and you won’t get bored also.

In conclusion, the way I see it, quitting your day job to pursue your dream takes more than just an effort. But when you do achieve your goals after having quit your job is worth all the hard work and effort that you put towards it.


Tips on writing a great corporate blog


Many organizations have been grappling with blogging for years, i.e. whether blogging is actually beneficial for their organizations and whether it can help them or not. However, writing a corporate blog has its benefits and can actually help your organization create its own impression on readers and target audiences. However, a corporate blog has to be written skillfully in order to create the right kind of impact. Blogging is not public relations and marketing in the conventional sense but there are several aspects towards successfully creating content that is compelling and noteworthy. You should always start off your post with a compelling content piece and fragment that captures the attention of your readers. This content fragment will definitely spur the interest of your readers and will get your target audience to read the entire piece. Journalists use this strategy to great effect and you should consider reading the first few sentences and approaches presented in newspaper articles and pieces.

You should also think of breaking up text into specific numbered lists and bullet points in order to make articles more readable for your target audiences. Readers will find it easier to run through your blog post and will also get an idea of what it actually talks about. You should also make use of keywords for writing your blog as search engine optimization or SEO helps your blog generate traffic and reach out to more and more audiences. You should do your research on generating keywords and you can even use Google Ad Words for this purpose. You should never stray off the beaten track when it comes to a corporate blog. Stick to what you know best and try and unleash your expertise through your blog. You should write about what you know best and what you are passionate about.

You should also think of referring to several articles and blogs written by industry experts on your preferred subject. You should look to integrate backlinks and give credit to people when you use quotes and other phrases. This will get more people interested in your blog and will get you industry attention as well. You should also integrate things that you find interesting yourself. You should always follow up on topics related to your industry and find interesting and valuable information. This will help you structure your ideas and find topics more easily for your blog.