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How schools could use Social Media?


How could schools use social media

How could schools use social media

Social media over the years has changed the way people use internet. With social media people’s interaction with one another has increased which has led to people visiting these sites more often. Though most people see social media as a place to hangout it can also be used as a productive tool. And schools are a place that will benefit from its use. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest, etc. can be used to increase the interaction between teachers, students and parents. It can also keep the parents in the loop about what their children do in school.

Here is how social media can be used in classrooms:


By creating a Facebook page for the classroom, the teachers can post homework and assignments which can be seen by the students and their parents. This way, even the parents will be aware of what’s going on in the class. The teachers can also share stories, post reminders and any changes in the lesson on Facebook.


Students can post their class work/projects on Pinterest for the teachers and parents to see. This can let students to see what their peers have done and get tips on how to improve their project.


Students can do quizzes on Twitter. For e.g. teachers can give students quiz questions and ask them to tweet their answers. The teacher can display the answers on the screen in real time. The teachers can also ask their students to give a lesson recap on twitter using 140 or less characters.


Blogging is a great way to encourage students to improve their writing skills. Teachers can give out writing assignments to students in blogger. There can also be an essay writing competition between students of different class at Blogger and the best essay can be published in the school’s own private blog. With this the students will feel motivated and start their own blog which can be monitored and guided by the teachers.


Indian ad agency

Choosing the right Indian advertising agency for your campaign

You will be spoilt for choice on paper, if you are seeking an Indian advertising agency that gives you the best bang for your buck. Choosing the right agency often seems like a nightmare for the company or business in question. However, this is not rocket science and you should be fine if you follow some crucial tips and parameters in this context. You have to get an idea of the approximate budget you have and the kind of overheads that an agency might have to deal with in case they take up a full fledged campaign. Details like these are essential before choosing a service provider as they help you evaluate people much better. Talk to industry experts and advisors in this regard before getting down to meetings and pitches.

Be it an outdoor advertising India agency or a full service one, you should have a clear picture of the kind of company that you want and your desired portfolio of services. This will help you separate the grain from the chaff at the very outset. You should go by all available reviews and other necessary information before making your final choice. Learn about the background and client history of the agency in question. Always look for quality administration, good management, experienced professionals and responsiveness in responding to all your requests or instructions. Do not simply ask for samples of any creative work for a potential product or brand from your stable; instead, after you’ve filtered down the potential hire, give the agency a set of business and marketing problems that your company may face and ask them to list out solutions and strategies to meet the same through presentations. This will automatically give you an insight into the business brain and competence of the agency.

Always look for the entire service spectrum and staff strength of the agency. A proper full service agency should have all bases covered including creative, design, media buying, digital, outdoor and branding. Additionally, you should look for insights into the real core of the agency through its client campaigns, testimonials, vibe, expertise in handling complex projects and so on. Also, you should definitely see how they align the best possible creative campaign solutions for you within your projected budget. Rego Advertising is one agency which meets all these requirements with its focus on branding, research, insights, creative solutions and full service satisfaction. This agency is well worth a shot in this regard.

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Brand Agency in Mumbai

Why you should go for a full service ad agency?

Wondering about why you should opt for a full service ad agency? You should first understand what a full service agency does for you. Negotiating the choppy waters of marketing, branding and advertising can often be tough and confusing for most companies, brands and business owners. Full service outfits offer services and solutions that take care of every aspect of the process, leaving you free to focus on expanding your business instead of hiring different vendors and agencies for multiple functions and operations. You can simply concentrate on growing your baby without having to worry about managing different aspects of branding, marketing, planning and so on.

Any good media agency in Mumbai will give you a good marketing and advertising plan that is tailored towards promoting your product or service along with your brand identity. Agencies develop plans based on business objectives, interests, budgets and brand perceptions. Campaigns are developed on the basis of company requirements and all other parameters with a view towards hooking and engaging customer attention and fostering their participation in purchasing products or services. Full service agencies also offer other services like printing, copy writing and graphic design. All full service agencies have their own in-house or contracted copywriters and graphic designers in addition to their own printing partners. These are key elements of the entire campaign and a full service agency handles all of this for you with elan.

Media buying and planning is another vital element that is taken care of by full service agencies. This includes all newspaper, magazine, television and radio advertisements in addition to other sponsored programmes and broadcasts along with specific shows and other placements. A full service agency will have knowledge of pricing, expected results, scheduling and so on. These agencies pick up the best spots for clients and tap them to their advantage in order to secure the best possible ROI (returns on investments) from the same. These agencies take care of one of the biggest problems that most DIY business owners face!

Digital marketing and web campaigns are also taken care of by the advertising agency in question, giving you considerable peace of mind in this space as well. Most full service agencies take care of website design, logo design, publishing, page traffic reports, SEO, optimization, web marketing, promotional activities, social media optimization, template making and many other such activities. Some agencies also take care of your website content and other material for you which is a big boon indeed! Rego Advertising is a potent full service player in this regard and caters primarily to all possible segments of the entire branding and communications spectrum including copy, design, media planning, buying, positioning, branding, insights, research, digital and more!

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Design Studios in India

On The Go way to Advertising

You are going somewhere out of your house and wait at the rickshaw stand or bus stand. Now, you are assured to come across some hoarding, banner or billboard promoting some product or service offering. It always happens right? This is the way the Outdoor Advertising in India works. You are always targeted by these attractive pieces of advertisement which are definite eye catchers. This is the talent of the Design Studios in India.

Mumbai being a metro city, is full of people who are always in a rush. You just can never see the city sleep for even a couple of minutes. If so is the case, then why not keep the advertising also awake and available for people every time. This can be surely done through the mode of Outdoor advertising. Also, the design studios make this possible at every minute around the clock. They target the locations that may have the maximum visitors as per the target customers of the brand or product they are promoting. This location also plays a big role in outdoor advertising. Also, this brilliant idea of using public transport for marketing has no challenge as this keeps moving all over the city daily and there is no better way to come in people’s vision easily.

Billboards are also great options where the design studios these days try and create a collage of the brand name, logo, product details and its promotion pictures which are compiled in a way that they surely catch the eyes of every passer by and appeal to the target customers. Also, they are easily visible and cannot be missed. This being costly is opted by big business companies and especially is beneficial for their new products and new range of collection. And in this case, a billboard is surely an eye catcher.

As per today’s trend, the potential customers surely catch up with the advertisements. Also, buses and rickshaws have advertisements on them. This is also an effective mode of Outdoor advertising. Even the big IT players today are using this method for promotions in order to reach all; and when it is Mumbai, it is just the right and assured way of getting the intention satisfied.

Outdoor advertising


Brand advertising

Reaching the skyline through Advertising

There are so many products available in market and that too in various brands and with wide variety. But we always choose the one that serves our purpose and is worth the money we pay. But these options are made available to us and we become aware of this Brand identity very well through Brand advertising.

Brand identity means creating the specifications and providing every detail which may be about technical or functional specifications of the product, it’s looks, quality, availability, warranty, options and all other details that may be required by a buyer or any person looking for it. When we are aware of the brand identity of a product, only then do we start considering it as an option. This role is intelligently done by the agencies through Brand advertising. Through brand advertising, we come to know about all the necessary highlights and the pros and cons of the product. Also, we are helped to compare various products and pick the best brand.

In order to market a product, companies should make sure that they choose the right advertisement agency for its branding and advertising. This image building is immensely important as this should appeal the target segment of people or clients. Once the brand identity is rightly created and marketed, the success awaits at every turn. Especially when it is Mumbai, it will take the minimal time to reach people and gain clients. This well-known advertising hub in India is rapidly growing and capturing nearly every are in the market.

Brand advertising has become the need of every company and if done carefully, only then can it evolve. Also, the recent method is to pose and make the brand famous through social networking sites like Facebook. This is where millions of people from all over the world can become aware of the brand as the brand advertising thereby becomes successful.

When a brand identity is created and marketed to people, they start looking for it through advertising, Brand advertising when done in the right way through the right advertising agency, just creates the comfortable environment to make maximum business and thereby profits.

Brand identity


Creative advertising agencies in Mumbai

Go with the world with Advertising

In India, there are many new startups as well as established firms and with multiple products. These products have to reach the target group of people and to start with, at least they should be aware of it. This is where our Indian Advertising agencies play a major and very crucial role. These Advertising agencies in India are very strong modes of helping businesses flourish and grow. So when we say that Mumbai and also the world is growing so fast, the reason is certainly this magic of advertising.

There are various interesting and novel ideas used by the Indian Advertising agencies to attract people and the target audience. And have you noticed, it starts with the very first thing in morning; through newspapers. There are many colorful and attractive advertisements; in fact, a complete page is especially dedicated to it. We also come across many such leaflets in our newspapers. Then we move out of the house and not a single place in Mumbai is there without hoardings or marketing of any product. Then we reach our office and there are so many ad pop ups. There again is this rigorous and trending advertising.

The advertising agencies in India have rightly caught this nerve and we are actually known globally now and also our own manufactured products have their unique identity. Also Indian advertising agencies have created a very comfortable bond with the clients, which helps in getting maximum benefit and profits through the right way of endorsing the client products. By right way, I mean that if the product is good but not marketed correctly, it will not reach the right customer segment and certainly will be in loss or low profit. Hence, choosing the perfect way and mode of advertising is very important and this job is done brilliantly by our Indian Advertising agencies.

There is also great competition in the advertising field in India and especially in metro cities like Mumbai. This is where the maximum target audience can be reached. And this being a great and emerging career option with a good chunk of profit, many people in marketing area are getting into advertising. They also create a strong compassionate connection with the people and attract them rightly.

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Outdoor Advertising India

Billboard Clusters: A Changing Trend in Advertising

We live in a society where we are surrounded with advertisements everywhere we go. Just as we wake up, we pick up newspapers for reading and a bright, colorful column of some product being advertised appears. When we move out to go to our workplace, we see large hoardings accompanying us on our way, and finally when we reach the office, social networking sites pop up with various advertisements urging us to avail services of one company or another. Not just this, all through the day we receive messages on our mobile phones displaying various services of our banks or schemes of our sim card company. With this ever increasing advertising, Indian advertising agencies are adopting new and creative ways to advertise the products of their clients.

One such advertising trend that has witnessed an escalation in recent years is Billboard Cluster Advertising. No news, in a city life every person is bound to step out of the closed walls of one’s house innumerable times a day whether to go to office, to buy grocery, to shop at malls, to eat at a restaurant or to simply jog at the beach or park. Bound to spend more time outside than inside the house, outdoor advertising in India has experienced a change. The number of billboards seen earlier neatly positioned beside the heavy traffic roads have increased. Their style and technique have also witnessed a transformation. When earlier one could notice a few hoardings besides a sidewalk, now at every traffic signal one can easily spot a huge hoarding creatively some product.

Design studios in India design these billboards in different methods. Today, not just one 40X40 board is used to display the services of a company but the designing studios aim at clustering two or three hoardings to create a more appealing look. One that depicts text and brand message and the other an attractive image, the billboards clusters call for maximum attention.

Furthermore, the billboard clusters prove to be an efficient advertising tool for brand advertising and image building. They are highly preferable for those companies whose services are provided for a long term, while those with short term campaigns should seek some options as billboards are set for a long duration of time. This is the reason they are garnering popularity among top notch brands for it helps in impacting the audience flawlessly as one crosses the same path every day and the image and brand is sure to be caught by the minds of an onlooker.

billboard advertising

mobile ad

Mobile Ads – The Next Generation of Advertisement

In a metro city like Mumbai, life is so busy that people couldn’t find time to read or listen to the advertisements being published in the newspapers or being broadcasted on the radios. How the ad agencies in Mumbai manage to make the emerging markets outshine the developed markets via advertisement?

The answer is plain and simple. As in a country like India, where there are millions of mobile subscribers, it is somewhat easier to reach them via mobile based advertisements. This not only helps the media agencies in Mumbai to reach the normal being in promoting their products but also, helps the normal population to get knowledge about the products being advertised.

Consumers are nowadays more tech savvy, so the basic motive of an ad agency is to target this particular population who uses smartphones and tablets via apps. The strategy can be in form of paying rewards or targeting people on the basis of their likes and dislikes. These apps can be developed by keeping in mind, the needs of a common man. E commerce players have been targeting the normal population by the means of paid adverts, apps based adverts, video advertisements and reward formats.

For those who don’t carry a smartphone with them, these ad agencies can target such populations via advertisement phone calls or text messages. But nowadays these two types are not that much successful. Mobile ads is growing way too faster than all other forms of advertising in India, as advertisers have started investing a lot money to catch the eyes of users.

It has been found that in-app mobile ads have found to be better than mobile web ads. This is because of the reason that nowadays technology has been so advanced that there is availability of apps which can be modified according to the likes and dislikes of the target population. Along with the in-app based ads, API’s have been integrated such that they provide rich notifications via widgets in iPhone and android phones. In android and iOS based wearable like smart watches, such pattern of advertisement can be followed and is actually found to be much successful.

Conventional forms of advertisement should not be the first choice of ads, so in the tech savvy era, ad agencies have to adapt more sophisticated mobile ad campaigns.

mobile Advertisement

Blogging Tool

Blogs as Advertising Tools

As a company, it is very important to ensure that you have a healthy online presence. Google is the first thing people go to when they want to get things done, and if a prospective customer stumbles onto your website, you need have something to keep them there. A great website design is a pre-requisite. No one will hire any firm with a shoddy website. But another important aspect to consider is content. Having a well written website will make you come across as an expert in your field, and people will listen to what you have to say.

Another great, and more or less indispensable addition to your website should be a blog. The benefit of a blog as an advertising tool is enormous, and this is why Indian advertising agencies have starting touting blogs to clients.

A blog can be a platform for your views and opinion. A good, well written blog also gives the reader a glimpse into yourself, and this can help garner more clients. It invites healthy discussion, and can even lead to fostering friendship and contacts.

Setting up a blog is very easy, and any ad agency in Mumbai or any other ad agency in India will do it for you. Then onwards, all you have to do is write the occasional article on something that is topical in your field, and put it up. If it is informative and has strong opinions, it will definitely be noticed.

One added feature to blogs it that a person may be searching for a topic on which you’ve written, read about it on your blog, and then look at your website. Thus the blog has gotten you a possible customer you otherwise would have lost.

Blogs are also great advertising tools in the sense that you can display your knowledge and therefore the services you offer. Commenting on forums and other blogs is one way of directing traffic to yours. This is again another method of establishing your expertise. More people will view and read your blog posts and hence your website.

It is possible to host a blog for free. With all these benefits, a blog is a must in today’s competitive online environment. Make sure you get one.

Blogs An Online Presence  Tool


Advertising Channels

Selecting an Advertising Channel

There are many forms of advertising. Print, media and television are three immediate ones that come to mind. The new kid on the block is online advertising, and this is fast replacing other forms as a viable alternative due to its large reach, low cost and other reasons. The type of advertising is also different for different media. Media solution agencies in India ensure that design elements, content writing and product descriptions all change based on the type of channel used for advertising.

So how do you decide which channel to use for your product? Well that depends on the type of product. The factors that come into play here are type of market, size of market and market consumption. You have to be very careful in choosing which channel to go with as this can have a profound impact on the sales of your product. If you spend a lot of money in advertising, but spend it all on the wrong channel, it’s nothing but an enormous waste.

It is necessary to know your market inside out before proceeding with a certain channel. The biggest rule to follow while selecting an advertising channel is this: Use the channel that your market will use the most.

Confusing? Not really. What it means is that if your market predominantly watches television, you have to invest in television advertising the most. A few more examples will make this clear.

For instance, if you are marketing a product whose primary market is senior citizens, spending the bulk of your advertising budget on internet advertising doesn’t make sense. Most of them will not use the internet, and so will simply not see your advertisement. So agencies in India would go for TV or print media, as this is the channel that old people use the most.

However, it is also important to make sure that you spend some of your budget on the internet as well. In this particular example, the children of people using your products might notice it online and thus purchase it for their parents.

All in all, it doesn’t abode well to neglect any one channel completely. At the same time, it also isn’t good to invest a lot in one single channel. There should be different grades of investments, with the most important channel getting the most money. Online presence should not be neglected.

Advertising Channel