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What will Social Media be like in 50 years?



‘Acha socho toh acha hoga’, this is a saying our mothers and grannies used to tell us. It basically means that if you think positive, positive things will happen. But little did they know that, what they said was literally true.

Fast forward 50 years later, imagine a world where things work only with a thought. In today’s world one has to type his/her thoughts on social media sites but imagine you could speak virtually without even moving your hand to type, neither any voice commands would be required. Imagine you could communicate with Siri via your thoughts.

We could have a much upgraded version of today’s Google Glass with new features. For example when you visit a restaurant and see the menu, you could come to know how many people have ‘liked’, ‘commented’ or even ‘re-tweeted’ that particular dish in a restaurant. It could have social filter which would provide information such as mentioned above.

Advertising would be more preciously targeted than what it is now.  As with the help of social media pages which would talk about likes and dislikes, personality and characteristics about the person; the advertisement would be more personalized than ever, the advertising would be tailored to an individual’s needs and wants.

Social media will become the next broadcaster like BBC. Newspapers or E-papers would be replaced by social media.

We will enter a new world of communication. Social media and technology will create an all together a new virtual world of its own. One that will change us and the way we perceive our things forever.

Social Media

We can see how Social Media has evolved since last 50 years

10 signs you should invest in Digital Media

Rego Advertising

Rego Advertising

Internet is a world that can take you by storm.  Before internet became a “BUDDY” and a “LIFE SAVER” for those who needed to access information by just clicking a few buttons. We often forget the other side of this world let’s look at the other side of the internet –digital media.

Why is it important? You may ask as long as one gets access to their respective Facebook pages, browse videos and news feed endlessly. Digital media is the process of reaching out to clients and it is emerging as a very successful communication method for those who access the internet. All companies today are starting to understand the importance of digital media to communicate their ideas. Here are 10 reasons as to why you should invest in digital media today.


Every client today or at least every brand today wants to promote its particular product to a great extent. Through digital marketing promoting the brands and products is maximizing. It is possible to promote in a creative way, and social media promotions help as more than half of the world are on different social media.


Digital media today is using something known as what I like to call the Maximus rule. Here your content reaches so many people at one shot when you’re probably sitting in the comfort of your cabin.


Content –the most important part. The content a person creates on digital media is probably viewed with much more attention. Today when people grab something to eat and are on their way reading news from various news apps, it is perhaps a common thing hence the content on digital media is viewed and understood better because when you want to know something in short you usually read it like this.


Who said that you can’t have fun while working? When you’re working with digital media you’re basically using social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and all these are being used for “WORK”! I don’t think I need to say anything further.


Gone are the days when small businesses needed a fax or some type of acknowledgement to understand how many people it has reached. With traditional marketing one can easily boost posts. You can see the numbers of visitors that visit your page daily, website clicks, peak trading times and much more just by a touch of a button.

  1. VIRAL:-

How often do your flyers get passed around by customers and prospects? How easily news can be shared without being interrupted? Your one message has actually been seen by 15 new prospects, now imagine a number of them also like and share your message and their friends do the same! Digital marketing can be very effective in this effect.


With digital marketing you can encourage your prospects, clients and followers to take action, visit your website, read about your products and services, rate them buy them and provide feedback which is visible to your market.   So it doesn’t take long for good publicity to enhance the prospects of your business.


We all don’t want to be told what to do and like when our privacy is kept intact. For instance, a company is looking a way to inform their customers about their product and yet not invade their privacy. Digital marketing is a very effective way of doing things and not intruding on other people’s privacy.


A well-maintained website with quality content targets the need of your target audience and thus attracts more people to visit your website.

10. Low budget:-

The other thing about digital media is the low budget. Whether you use Facebook and the other social media sites it uses the minimum amount for promotions and other stuff.


The world of digital media is something that is very different from the internet. It can change the way you use marketing to reach out to people. It is very easy and fun to do as well. I definitely would invest most of my time in digital media what about you?


4 Money Saving Tips That Work Every Time

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#Rego Advertising

Once you start getting your paychecks for your work, it’s really tempting to spend it all on everything you set your sights on. While you need the money for basic expenses like travelling, food, bills, etc. At times it’s nice to spend that money on things you may not need but still want to buy it. And before you’ve realized it, you end up spending your entire salary without saving anything. However, it’s not too late, all you need to do is start saving, even if it’s less, but at least it’s a start.

Another important thing to consider is where and how to save money. Fortunately for you it won’t be a problem as we have rounded up 4 failsafe ways for you to save money.

Record your expenses


The first step in saving money is to know how much you spend. Try making a list of your expenses and find out where your money really goes. Record even the smallest of expenses like buying a small pack of gum or a coffee at the cafeteria. Practice this habit for a month and you will come to know, every detail of your expenses. It will also help you to limit your spending on various things and save more money too.

Make a budget plan


Once you know how much your expenses are, the next step is to create a budget. Planning your budget involves dividing your expenses into ones that incur regularly and other small expenses. A budget plan ensures that you don’t over-spend on certain things and keep the money you’ve saved for emergency.

Shop Online


In today’s digital age, almost everything is available online; one needs not go to their local store when they can buy it online, that too at a cheaper rate. Many people don’t make the most of this and end up paying even more for things that could be bought at a discount online. Online shopping benefits many on a limited budget and you too can opt for this.

Set reasonable savings goals


When you want to buy something you really need, saving money for it is really easier. That’s why, it’s necessary to set a savings goal, especially one that can be easily achieved. If your goal is to buy a new home or save for retirement, it’s important to monitor its progress otherwise you might lose sight of it and end up spending that money on other expenses.

Although saving money at times might not be easier, especially in cases when money is tight, it’s important to remember that the money you save now will benefit you a lot in the long run. So make it a point to save your money at every available opportunity you get and sooner you’ll be saving more than spending it.

10 Things Your Competitor can teach you about Success

Running businessman.

Being a businessman or entrepreneur means having to face stiff competition in any venture you get into. At times these competitors can also come in handy by giving you much needed lessons about success and how you can make your business grow.

In this blog we take a look at 10 things your competitors can teach you on how to be successful.

Failing boldly


Failures happen no matter how hard you work to be successful. Even the most successful people have failed at a point of time in their life. This didn’t stop them from being successful and is no reason for you to stop being successful too.

Setting goals


Your competitors have a goal set in their mind and are always achieve it. That’s why they are at the top of the ladder instead of you. Try setting small term goals that you can achieve on a daily basis instead of long term goal which you may not achieve.

Don’t depend on luck


Luck doesn’t play a big part on your success but hard work and dedication do. Luck at times plays a really small part, if any and even that doesn’t guarantee your success. Don’t wait for the perfect time or idea to come to you, instead work hard and you might surprise yourself by getting that perfect idea one day for sure.

Track your progress


While you’re on your way to be successful do keep some tabs on your progress. By doing so, you get to know how much you have grown and what more you need to do. This way you can make adjustments to your schedule and increase your performance by a bigger margin.

Don’t wait to act


Successful people don’t wait for the right answers or time; they take action and let the answers come to them. Similarly, you too should focus on your actions rather than waiting for the right answers to come to you.

Always be confident

i can

As they say confidence is the key, it holds true in business also. Believe in your abilities and assess yourself to clearly understand what you are able to achieve. Use that as a fuel to light your own fire.



Successful people are committed to what they do. They know that success doesn’t come without any effort and so should you. Always be prepared to go the extra mile everyday you will reach your goal without fail.

Stay alert


Be alert of your surroundings because, you never know when an opportunity might pass by. Receiving news about the competition or the market does help from time to time.





Another thing about successful people is that they never give up. No matter how many times they fail, they get up and do it again and again until they win. You can also persevere by willingly facing any challenges that come your way, even if they seem impossible at times.

Display humility


One thing that your successful competitors don’t have is this – ego. It’s because they understand what it is like, working in an environment like theirs and facing failure. You should display some humility by holding yourself accountable in every aspect of your life. This is how you will remain focused and humble.

Follow these lessons every day and surely one day you will be able carve out your own path to success.

What Will Advertising Be Like In 100 Years?

rego advertising


Advertising is an industry that has evolved with the times. It started with a single piece of paper that soon transformed into a billboard, then radio, and then television until finally it made its presence in the digital world. This makes one wonder what advertising is going to be like in a hundred years.

Obviously, technology is going to play a bigger part. Along with the digital medium that is growing at a rapid pace. But the biggest change will be in the traditional medium like print, radio and television. Traditional advertising will give way to more unconventional and innovative methods.

Here’s what the future holds for the advertising industry in 100 years:


With the rise of people using tablets and smart phones to access the news and read magazines, print ads won’t be around that much. Instead they will be present in the e-zines or e-papers.


Radio is perhaps the oldest form of advertising that is still relevant today. Nowadays with the whole world being on the internet even radio stations have made their presence online. Whether this affects the way advertising is done in radio is yet to be seen.


When television advertising started some sixty years ago, it changed the way people advertised their products. It was seen as a revolutionary medium then, and now with video streaming sites online, it isn’t as effective as it was. In the future too, instead of television, the ads will be shown in video streaming sites just like the ones seen in streaming site like YouTube.


In the digital medium, which today although is still in its early years has started to make its impact felt. Today many brands advertise in the digital space instead of the traditional medium. In the future too, digital will have involved into something extraordinary and might replace traditional as the primary medium for advertising.

Even though its 100 years into the future, one thing that’s for sure, is that advertising will still exist as it does today. Whether it will be impactful or not is something to wonder about…

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Media Topics That Need More Coverage



These days the media channels are flooded with news that isn’t relevant to the things happening around us. Many important topics are ignored by them, which results in it being ignored by us. Their practice of broadcasting news topics that seems sensational by giving it more coverage is pretty common nowadays. They know which stories sell more and which doesn’t because of the reaction of the people. It doesn’t help the fact that majority of the people on social media oppose their version of news and want to know what’s actually happening around them.

With that in mind, here is a list of topics that needs  more coverage from the media, instead of their usual off topic news broadcasts:

  1. Terrorism


Terrorism had existed in the past and is still present in many countries. While our media reacts strongly to the prosecution of the terrorists almost making them into some kind of hero. What they don’t report or question is the time taken by the government to capture and pronounce the terrorists guilty despite knowing them to be so.

  1. Farmer Suicide


Farmer Suicide is something that’s been around for a long time. While some people work hard to ensure that these farmers aren’t affected, the media doesn’t report until some known person or celebrity does something for their cause.

  1. Drought


Drought is the worst thing that can happen anywhere and for quite a long period of time the drought situation in Maharashtra has been ignored by the media. It wasn’t until the government decided to do something about this that they reported the situation to the public in the papers and news channels.

  1. Border Disputes


While our troops engage almost daily with the firings from the other side of the border, unless something disastrous happens, the people have no knowledge of it. This is a major and a sensitive issue as we might not know what if tomorrow we are invaded by militants from the neighbouring countries.

  1. Corruption / Scams


For a short period of time corruption / scams are reported by the media in honesty and leads to the point till they catch the culprit. After that the whole thing vanishes, from the papers to the news channels. It does resurfaces sometime later but by that time the public has forgotten what the whole thing was about.

Could I Quit My Day Job?


Day jobs are something that everyone is expected to do once they have decided on their career path. Many adapt to it once they get the hang of things, but it doesn’t hold the same for everyone. There comes a point of time in our lives when we ask ourselves the question, ‘Is this what I am meant to do for the rest of my life?’, and that’s when some of us take the most important decision of our lives ever – quit our job.

Quitting a job is not an easy decision and some even reconsider, but before you quit do consider the following points:

  • Am I financially stable to look after myself even without a job?
  • Have I planned out what to do once I quit my job?
  • My decision to quit the job is final and I won’t back out.

Once you’ve quit your job you’ll ask yourself the next important question, ‘what next?’ Unless you haven’t figured it out, you don’t have to worry, because you’ve got plenty of time until you find something worth doing. Till then you can try out one of these things:



Visit places that you haven’t been to in a long while, if you don’t have a list of places that you want to visit, make one and check them off once you do.



If you love to write, then you can start your own blog and you can also make some money off of it. This way you’ll have a hobby that will also pay you.



Have some books that you want to read but didn’t have the time to? Well now is as good a time as any to start reading.



Did those years of work put you out of shape? Then you need to start exercising. It’s not necessary to hit the gym, some jogging and long walks work better than spending hours lifting weights.



Pick up an old hobby that you had quit or even better start a new one. You’d get to learn something new and you won’t get bored also.

In conclusion, the way I see it, quitting your day job to pursue your dream takes more than just an effort. But when you do achieve your goals after having quit your job is worth all the hard work and effort that you put towards it.


Tips on writing a great corporate blog


Many organizations have been grappling with blogging for years, i.e. whether blogging is actually beneficial for their organizations and whether it can help them or not. However, writing a corporate blog has its benefits and can actually help your organization create its own impression on readers and target audiences. However, a corporate blog has to be written skillfully in order to create the right kind of impact. Blogging is not public relations and marketing in the conventional sense but there are several aspects towards successfully creating content that is compelling and noteworthy. You should always start off your post with a compelling content piece and fragment that captures the attention of your readers. This content fragment will definitely spur the interest of your readers and will get your target audience to read the entire piece. Journalists use this strategy to great effect and you should consider reading the first few sentences and approaches presented in newspaper articles and pieces.

You should also think of breaking up text into specific numbered lists and bullet points in order to make articles more readable for your target audiences. Readers will find it easier to run through your blog post and will also get an idea of what it actually talks about. You should also make use of keywords for writing your blog as search engine optimization or SEO helps your blog generate traffic and reach out to more and more audiences. You should do your research on generating keywords and you can even use Google Ad Words for this purpose. You should never stray off the beaten track when it comes to a corporate blog. Stick to what you know best and try and unleash your expertise through your blog. You should write about what you know best and what you are passionate about.

You should also think of referring to several articles and blogs written by industry experts on your preferred subject. You should look to integrate backlinks and give credit to people when you use quotes and other phrases. This will get more people interested in your blog and will get you industry attention as well. You should also integrate things that you find interesting yourself. You should always follow up on topics related to your industry and find interesting and valuable information. This will help you structure your ideas and find topics more easily for your blog.

10 guilty pleasures we all enjoy in Life

When it comes to guilty pleasures, we all have some stocked away in a tiny closet of your minds that is indulged every now and then even though we do not really prefer talking about the same. According to several dictionaries and meanings, guilty pleasures are those which are enjoyed by people and considered pleasurable at the same time. The guilt associated to these pleasures is often related with embarrassment rather than moral guilt.

Sleeping and lazing around-


One of our biggest guilty pleasures, we end up sleeping and lazing around a lot more than we actually should though we never admit it. We often make thousands of excuses just to hit the sack or snooze button depending on our state of mind and mood

Online gossip columns and websites-


This is another guilty pleasure that we rarely admit to. There are thousands of film and television industry gossip columns that we secretly end up reading even though we cringe when someone finds us out. We always love finding out more information on our favorite stars, celebrities, businessmen and other leading lights across the globe.

Following people on social networks-

woman looking at Facebook in office

Sometimes it is so relaxing and cathartic to follow people around on social networks and glean information on their lives. We can literally do this for hours at a stretch while browsing social networks though we will never really admit it!

Junk Food-


One of the biggest guilty pleasures on earth, junk food is something we simply cannot stop binging on! We will always declare our love for health food and maybe even stick to a routine but this is one guilty pleasure that often surfaces when we’re stressed or simply looking for something to beat life’s monotony.

Drawing pictures in magazines-


Let’s face it; we’ve all done this and never owned up!

Reality Shows-


Though we never admit to watching the same, we all secretly get our dose of the same!

Stealing good ideas and topics-



Though this does not qualify as stealing in the technical sense, we do love browsing the web for ideas that can be tapped or used later.



We also conceal our smoking habit at times and it works as a guilty pleasure whenever we’re stressed.

Cake, chocolates and ice cream-

lady eating chocolate

Another of our guilty pleasures, we simply love gorging on these though we never admit to the same.

10.Social networking-


No matter how much we talk about controlling our urge to be online, we end up doing exactly that with even the invisible option used at times.

What do average Indians spend their money on?


Consumer spending in India has increased rapidly in recent times and stands at approximately INR 159628.06 billion in the second quarter of the year 2015 according to market observations and studies. Consumer spending has always stood at around INR 9136.68 billion all throughout 2004 to 2015. These are statistics obtained from official and governmental sources. The high consumer spending figures indicate that Indians are still bullish about the market and economy. Consumer confidence is at an all time high and there is a sense of certainty over the inception of the new government. India has been topping consumer confidence indexes with a score of 126 as per Nielsen’s survey published some time back. The index of confidence is steadily growing though some of the euphoria surrounding the advent of the new government has dropped or faded in recent times.

Yet, consumption has still been rampant in basic categories as job security has always been a major concern for Indian citizens. Yet, urban Indians continue to be really optimistic about professional prospects in the country. Approximately 66% of Indian citizens are said to be sorted with their personal finances and have a willingness to purchase products in sectors like electronics, exotic food and beverages, real estate, automobiles, education and other consumer products. Housing and automobiles are the biggest consumables in the country though electronics and other consumer products report the highest volumes in overall consumption. India is now the third largest economy in Asia and is witnessing huge growth volumes in terms of overall consumption. The stable government will now lead to greater consumerism during festivals like Diwali and Rakhi. These are times when consumer spending peaks in sectors like apparel, food and beverages, appliances, automobiles and the like.

Even the biggest consumer products companies in the country have reported an increase in profits to the tune of 8-10% on a yearly basis. Consumer products have seen skyrocketing growth in the country with more and more multinational and international companies are coming to the country. Even food and beverage companies are reporting increases in profits owing to fast paced consumption. The best fashion and lifestyle brands have also set up shop in the country and people now spend up to 20% of their income on accessories, apparel and gadgets annually. With greater discounts and offers provided by manufacturers and retailers, consumerism has increased even in income segments where actual cash in hand figures have not increased to a large extent.