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5 Tools Everyone in the Advertising Industry Should Be Using


1847018011 Working in advertising at times, can be challenging. Especially, with the recent boom of digital and social media, advertising has changed and for better. It has helped advertisers to explore more ways to reach their audience and promote themselves to the masses. In this blog, we take a look 5 must have tools that everyone in the advertising industry should be using.

  1. Social Media

Social media has changed the way people advertise. It paved the way for online advertising and has benefitted many companies as well. Thanks to social media, companies are now able to interact with their customers and also get their opinion.

  1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is popularly known, ranks and then places websites on the search page as per user generated search result. Also note that there are a number of factors that go into SEO, and no single factor will guarantee higher placement.

  1. Youth

Though many may disagree, but apparently younger people can be handy when it comes to advertising in today’s age. They understand social media better than their older counterparts and can be of use to promote their clients work to the masses through these social media tools.

  1. Word of Mouth

Despite being a traditional medium, word of mouth has a wider reach. Nowadays, since it doesn’t take too long for a trend to go viral, this medium has become the most effective tool for an advertiser to use.

  1. Cell Phone

Another compelling advertising tool is the smart phone. Due to the vast amount of apps that are available for the user to download, promoting any sale or event has become easy for the advertiser. They can also use these apps to provide information and facts about the company.

What will generation be like in 100 years?


In the next century, our generation will have undergone a massive change. Just like each and every passing century. Even many films have been made, depicting how our future generation would probably be like. The most common factor in all these films was how our generation would be living side by side with robots. Technology would have advanced into something even better. Many new cities would have emerged. Though all these are just speculations, some of them might be true.

Here are some speculative points over what our generation is going to be like in the next century:

  1. They will have the ability to communicate through thought transmission

Telepathy is a common theme in almost every other sci-fi flick. And the future generation would be able to use it. Whether the communication would be through electrical signals or words is yet to be seen.

  1. They will be able to control the weather

Climate change? Global warming? It will be a thing of the past as the future generation will have the means to create technology that can control the weather. A wonderful technology like this could help in ending droughts and control the unruly weather.

  1. Space travel will be common for them

While we in the 21st century have visited other planets through satellites and rovers, in the 22nd century the future generation will be able to travel those planets easily. Just like we frequent other countries and collect our frequent flier miles, the new generation will be collecting their space travel miles.

  1. Clothes that clean themselves would be a reality for them

Don’t you hate it when you spill some ketchup on your tees? Having to clean it again would be such a bothering chore. Obviously, the case won’t be the same 100 years into the future. Mankind would have easily invented clothes that clean themselves, making washing machines a relic of the past.

  1. They will have software to predict traffic jams before they occur

Nobody likes to be stuck in a traffic jam. Even if that jam lasts for a few minutes. Although there are apps today that can tell where a traffic jam has occurred, they can’t predict where the next one will appear. Luckily the future generation will be able to use software that can predict where a traffic jam will occur and can easily avoid it.

In today’s time, we are already seeing major advancements in terms of technology, medicine, science, etc. everything that will benefit the coming generation. For now, the best we could do is to make sure that the future generations won’t have to suffer from any wrong-doings of our current generation. And also ensure that we leave a better world for them to live in.

Why we love marketing (and you should, too!)

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rego advertising

Marketing is done to communicate the value of a product or service to the consumer with the purpose of promoting that particular product or service. Without marketing most consumers wouldn’t be aware of alternatives to certain products or the end product in itself. The fact that marketing plays a big role in selling that product or service is why people love marketing. In this blog we take a look at certain factors that make people love marketing and why you might like it.

Here are some reasons why we love marketing and why you should too:

  1. Marketing is entertaining

Marketing lets a brand to come out of their corporate image and show off their quirky and fun side to the consumers. This way, the consumers get to see a side of the brand they themselves never imagined and like it too.

  1. Marketing is engaging

Through marketing a brand can interact with the customers, be it in social media or in real life through promotions. With this type of communication, even the consumers get interested over what next the brand will bring.

  1. Marketing is evolving

Times have changed so has marketing, earlier marketing used to be mostly depended on flyers and business cards. Today most of the marketing happens over in social media sites, mobile apps and blogs. It has only evolved and will do so in the future too.

  1. Marketing empowers you

Marketing can help your business to grow and reap in huge profits for you. It’s all thanks to the fact that marketing has a huge reach and can even tap in potential areas where your business can flourish.

  1. Marketing is exciting

Marketing campaigns are always an exciting sight to see. It’s where they push the envelope and go beyond the boundaries to bring attention to their brand. Plus it’s more when you are a part of it.

Business concept with words

In conclusion, marketing has its benefits and downsides too. It all depends on how you perceive marketing. That’s why most of the people who have worked or work in marketing loves it and probably now you too.