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Blogs as Advertising Tools

As a company, it is very important to ensure that you have a healthy online presence. Google is the first thing people go to when they want to get things done, and if a prospective customer stumbles onto your website, you need have something to keep them there. A great website design is a pre-requisite. No one will hire any firm with a shoddy website. But another important aspect to consider is content. Having a well written website will make you come across as an expert in your field, and people will listen to what you have to say.

Another great, and more or less indispensable addition to your website should be a blog. The benefit of a blog as an advertising tool is enormous, and this is why Indian advertising agencies have starting touting blogs to clients.

A blog can be a platform for your views and opinion. A good, well written blog also gives the reader a glimpse into yourself, and this can help garner more clients. It invites healthy discussion, and can even lead to fostering friendship and contacts.

Setting up a blog is very easy, and any ad agency in Mumbai or any other ad agency in India will do it for you. Then onwards, all you have to do is write the occasional article on something that is topical in your field, and put it up. If it is informative and has strong opinions, it will definitely be noticed.

One added feature to blogs it that a person may be searching for a topic on which you’ve written, read about it on your blog, and then look at your website. Thus the blog has gotten you a possible customer you otherwise would have lost.

Blogs are also great advertising tools in the sense that you can display your knowledge and therefore the services you offer. Commenting on forums and other blogs is one way of directing traffic to yours. This is again another method of establishing your expertise. More people will view and read your blog posts and hence your website.

It is possible to host a blog for free. With all these benefits, a blog is a must in today’s competitive online environment. Make sure you get one.

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Advertising Channels

Selecting an Advertising Channel

There are many forms of advertising. Print, media and television are three immediate ones that come to mind. The new kid on the block is online advertising, and this is fast replacing other forms as a viable alternative due to its large reach, low cost and other reasons. The type of advertising is also different for different media. Media solution agencies in India ensure that design elements, content writing and product descriptions all change based on the type of channel used for advertising.

So how do you decide which channel to use for your product? Well that depends on the type of product. The factors that come into play here are type of market, size of market and market consumption. You have to be very careful in choosing which channel to go with as this can have a profound impact on the sales of your product. If you spend a lot of money in advertising, but spend it all on the wrong channel, it’s nothing but an enormous waste.

It is necessary to know your market inside out before proceeding with a certain channel. The biggest rule to follow while selecting an advertising channel is this: Use the channel that your market will use the most.

Confusing? Not really. What it means is that if your market predominantly watches television, you have to invest in television advertising the most. A few more examples will make this clear.

For instance, if you are marketing a product whose primary market is senior citizens, spending the bulk of your advertising budget on internet advertising doesn’t make sense. Most of them will not use the internet, and so will simply not see your advertisement. So agencies in India would go for TV or print media, as this is the channel that old people use the most.

However, it is also important to make sure that you spend some of your budget on the internet as well. In this particular example, the children of people using your products might notice it online and thus purchase it for their parents.

All in all, it doesn’t abode well to neglect any one channel completely. At the same time, it also isn’t good to invest a lot in one single channel. There should be different grades of investments, with the most important channel getting the most money. Online presence should not be neglected.

Advertising Channel

Advertising Internships

The Advantages of an Advertising Internship

It is not easy for an undergraduate student to get into the creative industry. There are no evident job openings, agencies don’t usually hire that easily, and the competition is fierce. But the job benefits are great, and the industry as such is highly rewarding to work in. So what do you do?

Experience can be extremely useful in such a situation, but how do you get experienced in a particular industry without getting job? The answer is advertising internships.

Many ad agencies in Mumbai and other ad agencies in India offer summer and winter internships. This can be a great way to learn the rules and regulations of the industry, and is great as an experience builder. The contacts you will make can last you a life time. Some internships are even paid, which means you get to earn while in college!

Advertising internships are available to students of both arts and engineering. Engineering students might find these internships at different media agencies in the country to be a welcome change from the usual technical internships that they go for. It can also open a new career path to some people.

Students studying Vis.Comm and similar courses will greatly benefit by an advertising internship. They get hands on experience and the chance to utilize what they have learnt in college.

The internships will consist of pretty much being an employee of the firm for a few weeks. You will have to write, proofread and generate content. If you profile is designing, then you will be directed towards that. You will have a supervisor who will keep watch and teach you stuff. He or she will also make sure you don’t make any mistakes, leave out vital information, show you what to say and what not to say, etc.

You can just send an email to an ad firm requesting for an internship. Attach a copy of your resume and statement of purpose, and you stand a decent chance. If not that, then look for internship portals. They will have such opportunities posted and cataloged, and you can apply for the ones that look most attractive to you.

In conclusion, advertising internships can be a great way to get some job experience. They will help in getting a stable job later, and open doors in the industry. Good work will definitely get you noticed, and that is just another reason to consider an advertising internship.

Advertising Internship

design studio

Starting a Design Studio

Opening up a design studio in India is an exciting opportunity. There aren’t that many high profile design studios, and a dash of young minds is exactly what the industry needs. But the path is definitely not an easy one. There are a lot of pitfalls and negatives that come with starting a design studio in Mumbai or any other city.

The most important part of setting up a design studio is undoubtedly creativity and talent. Go into it only if you’re sure that you can come up with ideas at a moment’s notice, and have the technical skill to back it up. It’s an exciting job, and the challenges you face are different every day. If you can’t think on your feet, and come up with designs and solutions very quickly, you might want to consider a different field.

Technology and technical knowledge is very important before setting up a design studio. Design is almost exclusively carried out on computers, so having a good machine that can run all the necessary programs (Blender, Maya, GIMP, and Photoshop, etc.) is very important. Similarly, you also need the technical knowledge in using these programs. Just being a great artist will not be enough. You should be able to effectively transfer your art into a digital form.

Keep in mind that you have to brand and publicize yourself extensively to get work. A well maintained website is a huge asset that cannot be overlooked. Put up your portfolio online. This will garner interest and also show how proficient you are.

Make sure you don’t undercharge. A lot of clients will push for low costs, and if work is scarce, you might be tempted into accepting it. You’ll just end up wasting a lot of your time (time that could have been better spent publicizing yourself) into doing something more or less useless.

During down time, consider freelancing somewhere. There are a host of websites that allow you to do this, and it can be a great source of side income.

A good team is also very important in a studio. As a designer, you’ll need help from other creative to finish a project. This is one aspect that is often overlooked.

A design studio can offer great, productive and fulfilling work. But the path is by no means simple or easy. All the best!

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