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3 Public Service Ad Campaigns that Made Viewers Stop and Take Notice


Are Public Service Ads really necessary? Many would say so. Older versions were simpler, easy to understand and focused on very specific subjects. Of course today there is a whole host of issues to counter against. Lately, social advertising has muscled up enough to compete against some of the best commercial ads though. Reason? These are innovatively thought through, sensitive ads crafted by some of the most creative minds of our industry.

Let’s look at 3 such PSA’s that have managed to send the right message to the masses and that have dwelled in their minds.

Anti-Smoking Campaigns


Anti-smoking ads showing up through various media channels are more emotionally evocative than ever. Some show graphic imageries such as tobacco’s effect on the body provoking negative emotions. Some manage to tug on heart strings with their personalized story lines. Others use bold storylines to elicit responses. Even second hand smoke has made the news. Although quitting may be a long arduous process, the recent impactful ads have most definitely created a stir.

Incredible India Campaign


Even braving controversies and changes, the Incredible India campaign has managed to make a positive impact not only on the masses but travel and tour operators as well. International and domestic audiences too have begun taking note of India’s heritage sites, its culture and hospitality trends with new eyes.

India Polio Ad Campaign


Many Bollywood stars have lent their time and voice to public service campaigns but none compares to the baritone of Amitabh Bachan, pointing and urging people to get their children vaccinated against polio. Of course the sheer number of vaccinators tied to this initiative has helped too. And the effect has been significant with large scale reception to polio eradication drives

Ultimately to be successful, a far reaching public service campaign needs a creative team that produces a well-researched innovative portrayal of the truth.