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The new Mumbai with Advertising

When advertising is changing the world around, how can it leave our very own city of Mumbai, the most populous, the richest and certainly the extremely talented hub existing in the all of Asia?

Mumbai is a city that beholds the rich culture of colonial India while it smartly keeps at an equal pace with the changing trends of the world. Conspicuously talented, this Bollywood city is emerging with a new face that creatively balances between the old world charm of the city and the new tech savvy society. Billboards, social media advertisements, creative videos, innovative digital hoardings, wall paintings, prints ads, internet marketing etc., are transforming the city into a way we know it now.

Capitalization of goods and marketing of products has brought a new culture to the society. Creative advertising agencies and communication agencies have helped Mumbai emerge as one of the biggest market in the whole wide world. Corporate houses from all around the country as well as globe embark here to expand their business and create a unique own identity. With advertising at its rise, Bombay is providing new opportunities to every citizen of India to migrate in the city and start over with a glamorous life.

Mumbai in its ever growing advertisements, make the rich city richer and brings various foreign companies to the landscape that make huge investments and take theirs as well as the city’s success rate higher. Many start-up companies as well as established ones too are now acknowledging the potential of endorsing their schemes and products in the market of this metro city and are thus, fortifying money culture of the Bollywood hub. Youngsters are contributing with their talent and are discovering new ideas with rising technology to give a new dimension to the art of living in Mumbai.

Knowing the potential, many advertising agencies are opening up on the land. These communication and advertising agencies find out creative ways to establish the brand identity for high popularity. People are becoming more and more brand oriented and are living a high-standard life because of these advertisements that constantly move with them wherever they go. Thus, the emergence of a plethora of advertising agencies has not only triggered huge investments by various companies in Mumbai but has also helped in increasing the standard of living.

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Outdoor Advertising India

Billboard Clusters: A Changing Trend in Advertising

We live in a society where we are surrounded with advertisements everywhere we go. Just as we wake up, we pick up newspapers for reading and a bright, colorful column of some product being advertised appears. When we move out to go to our workplace, we see large hoardings accompanying us on our way, and finally when we reach the office, social networking sites pop up with various advertisements urging us to avail services of one company or another. Not just this, all through the day we receive messages on our mobile phones displaying various services of our banks or schemes of our sim card company. With this ever increasing advertising, Indian advertising agencies are adopting new and creative ways to advertise the products of their clients.

One such advertising trend that has witnessed an escalation in recent years is Billboard Cluster Advertising. No news, in a city life every person is bound to step out of the closed walls of one’s house innumerable times a day whether to go to office, to buy grocery, to shop at malls, to eat at a restaurant or to simply jog at the beach or park. Bound to spend more time outside than inside the house, outdoor advertising in India has experienced a change. The number of billboards seen earlier neatly positioned beside the heavy traffic roads have increased. Their style and technique have also witnessed a transformation. When earlier one could notice a few hoardings besides a sidewalk, now at every traffic signal one can easily spot a huge hoarding creatively some product.

Design studios in India design these billboards in different methods. Today, not just one 40X40 board is used to display the services of a company but the designing studios aim at clustering two or three hoardings to create a more appealing look. One that depicts text and brand message and the other an attractive image, the billboards clusters call for maximum attention.

Furthermore, the billboard clusters prove to be an efficient advertising tool for brand advertising and image building. They are highly preferable for those companies whose services are provided for a long term, while those with short term campaigns should seek some options as billboards are set for a long duration of time. This is the reason they are garnering popularity among top notch brands for it helps in impacting the audience flawlessly as one crosses the same path every day and the image and brand is sure to be caught by the minds of an onlooker.

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How to hire the right Ad Agency for Your Company

A business flourishes when there is trust among the partners and amongst the employees and employer. Your product may be excellent but if your approach towards advertising the services of the company isn’t right, then no matter what you sell, the company would face downright failure. For success, it is crucial that you and advertising agency share a strong bond of trust and compassion. An ad agency not just sells your product but it helps you build an excellent brand image and create a brand identity. Possessing immense importance in effective brand image building, every small and large scale company should wisely hire an ad agency which could serve their purpose truly and efficiently. Some points to keep in mind while hiring a creative ad agency are:-

  • Do not confine your ad agency search to geographical limits
    Yes, it is true that face to face communication is the best, but you never know what the ad agency in your neighbourhood cannot fulfil. It might be that the agency set up miles away could.
  • Search the background and achievements
    In order to hire the best for your company, you need to speculate the past achievements of the agency. The need to contemplate its gradual success over various projects and various arenas are very important.
  • Size should not be the basis of screening companies
    No matter whether the ad agency is small or big, you should never select or reject the agency on the ground of its size. Even small agencies could do wonders and the large ones may just fail to satisfy your requirements.
  • Speculative work should never be entertained
    Many deceiving agencies hire freelancers and when the work is done, these talented freelance workers are nowhere to be located. Therefore, speculative work does not show the actual capability of the ad agency and so you should never hire a creative advertisement agency on the basis of speculative work.
  • Invite the ad agency over your workplace
    It would be really helpful if the agency looks over at you company and knows your work ethics and requirements. It would be helpful in building a strong relationship.
  • Shortlist two to three and then select
    Shortlist two to three ad agencies who could serve your requirements the best and then compare each one with each other to get the perfect agency working for you.

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Digital Media in Advertising

Irrefutable Role of Digital Media in Advertising

With an upsurge in technology, how can the most creative minds working in the arena of advertising stay aloof from the powerful digital media? The fast growing Indian advertising industry is undoubtedly keeping no stone unturned in impacting the target audience in the best way possible. Gone are the days when creative communication agencies depended only on print and TV sets to influence the audience. Now times have changed. People are becoming more and more tech savvy. Indulging in various internet activities, they surf the internet trillion times a day and fortify their knowledge with this medium the most. Though the traditional media has not lost its significance, the importance of digital media is increasing day by day. To keep in pace with the changing trends, advertising agencies have stepped down on the visual landscape to communicate with the maximum population possible and have the desired impact.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Hangout etc. form the basis of advertising. People spend hours daily on these social websites to stay connected with their loved ones and have a little fun surfing the net. Smart advertisers buy space on these websites and create brand identity and awareness. Also, the creative advertising agencies have made their brand pages on the websites like Facebook which are liked and followed by millions of Facebook users. In this way, digital media makes use of social media to build a strong brand image.

Increasing communication on internet has led to an escalation in blog posts as well. Common people like us create webpages and advertisers buy ads on them. This business is rapidly increasing and helping the trio- the users, the company and the advertising agencies in making money. Furthermore, reputed companies increase their sales and advertising with new emerging techniques like SEO oriented content and article directories. In this way they make their products, brand name and services highly popular over the internet.

Not just this, smartphones are also playing a vital role in fortifying advertising. The more we use internet over the phone, the more the advertisement strengthens. Continuous sharing of videos and images helps the companies advertise. Thus, digital media has become a strong base to strengthen advertising for both small scale and large scale companies. No entrepreneur could survive solely on the basis of print and electronic media, the need to digitalize its advertising efforts for perfect brand building is crucial. Further, it is low cost and highly efficient making it the best tool of advertising.

Digital Media in Advertising