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Why do big brands really need advertising and marketing?


If you’re an advertising agency wondering whether a big brand will really need you or not, you’re in for a lucky surprise! Most big brands are the ones who consistently fuel the advertising and marketing industries. This may sound surprising at first but Fortune 500 companies and brands like Pepsi, Coca Cola and Lays are the ones who actually require marketing and advertising on an ongoing basis and earmark big chunks of their budgets for the same. Consider Coca Cola, one of the world’s biggest and most successful brands and they still spend billions of dollars every year on their advertising and marketing initiatives.

A small business or micro-business is worried about surviving in its target market and hence their investments. However, once these companies reach a certain target, they may stop investing altogether. Big brands, on the other hand, look at marketing and advertising as complete nourishment for customers and realize the effect this strategy has on keeping them on top of the pile. Big brands know that true results are derived only out of innovation and marketing and hence their need for consistent advertising. A big brand needs advertising to keep its reputation intact and stay on top of people’s minds without rotting out or going out of sync. This also helps shape target customer bases on a regular basis and brings in new customers and helps retain old ones through the right visuals, messaging and strategies.

Most importantly, all big brands know that no matter how much success they attain, advertising and marketing is what keeps theme relevant in a rapidly evolving landscape. Marketing and advertising keeps the company’s future secured by drawing new business. Big brands do not rely on current situations; they create newer harvests in advance.  This is why, they need more advertising than other micro businesses that only resort to advertising whenever they fall short of goals or desperately need more work to keep the cash flow position intact. As a result, an advertising agency like Rego Advertising knows that it is indispensable for big brands looking to retain a firm foothold in the market with sustained and evolving campaigns and hence offer tailored solutions accordingly.


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Some rare Internet applications you haven’t seen


There are several fantastic internet applications that you will not have experienced or used and many of these also contribute towards improving productivity hugely as well. The first among these is Zamzar, a marvelous application that helps you combat all possible document or file incompatibility problem. Many a time, we face problems when Windows Media Player does not quite read videos in 3gp formats. This might be true for files in incompatible formats as well. Clients may well send files in formats that are incompatible with your present system. This helpful application comes in handy at these times by converting documents, images and videos to a different format minus the need to download and install any other software program. This internet application is definitely be a must have for any media organization or companies in other fields as well.

Haven’t you felt frustrated at not receiving crucial replies from associates and clients when you’ve emailed them on something urgent? Have you been worried whether they’ve even received your email or not? You can simply make use of another potent internet application called Spypig which tracks emails and sends you notifications as soon as your email is opened by the reader. This is functional for most web mail applications like Yahoo! and Gmail in addition to Thunderbird and Outlook. This will help you confirm the receipt of an email and you can accordingly put your mind at rest.

Sumo Paint is another rarely heard of internet application that helps you create new images entirely on your own and this makes it a better solution in comparison to conventional image editing applications like Picnik and Photoshop Express. Skydrive is another handy application which lets you store documents, files and photographs for free throughout an entire lifetime! 25 GB of storage is provided in this case and individual file size limits are fixed at 50 MB. There are several other internet applications like these that maximize productivity and are pretty cool to use as well! Advertising agencies like Rego Advertising always emphasize on using cool internet applications like these to stay ahead of the curve at work!


Social Media is your biggest Business card



Are you a company head looking to impress potential clients? A business card is usually handed out to prospective clients and investors at meetings and PowerPoint presentations. However, in today’s changing times, business cards are no longer in vogue. You have to basically give any client a through idea of your own personality, credentials and your ability to usher in results. Social media profiles and activity are now virtual business cards. Clients now ask for Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn profiles. They want to see your experience, your activities, your opinions, your network and your personality in a nutshell and this goes way beyond the scope of what a business card can really show them. This is why social media is given immense importance by companies and clients before taking any major decisions.

This is where you have to tailor your social media profiles immaculately. Your LinkedIn account should contain accurate and honest information on your work experience and areas of expertise. Your skill, talents and professional network should be perfectly showcased on LinkedIn. This holds true for companies as well. Additionally, you should always look to get a few testimonials from previous colleagues, clients and even professionals from other industries and fields. While LinkedIn profiles have to be all about business, companies need to be active on Facebook and Twitter too! Companies should have a sizeable amount of activity in terms of interesting posts and feeds along with decent follower numbers.

This always impresses clients more than anything else. Individuals need to be careful with regard to sharing personal information and photographs on social media platforms. It is best to adopt a balanced approach. Agencies like Rego Advertising believe in harnessing the power of social media to conduct digital marketing campaigns and their accounts are the best virtual business cards, offering insights into their work, their ability as change makers and influencers and their areas of expertise. Similarly, you can also build up your social media platform accounts to work as your best and most potent business cards. This is the biggest trick that many people miss out on these days.


Women make a splash on Social Media platforms

Women make a splash on Social Media platforms

Several companies are now looking at India’s evolving social media scene with relish and for good reason! This is mainly because more and more women are taking to social media like ducks to water, thereby opening up a flood of advertising and marketing opportunities for products and services across several categories and industries. In fact, women are the new and biggest target group on social media for companies and have outstripped men in terms of average time investment on social media and level of participation. Continue reading