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Is Online Advertising Replacing Traditional Advertising

With more and more companies adopting online advertising, you may ask is online advertising the future of advertising and will advertising in traditional media gradually peter away? This is a question that has been discussed and debated all around the globe. The online media definitely has gained quite a lot of precedence among businesses who want to expand their business and reach out to their target audiences more instantaneously. But the future of traditional media being bleak is questionable?

More and more companies are now opting for online media for advertising because of the reach and efficacy that it has. More and more people are now registering online for business, education, recreation etc and this has led to a huge database of online users. Most brand agencies in India are now focussing on using the online platform for brand promotion activities because of the several advantages it offers.

On the other hand, companies have not shunned the practice of advertising in traditional media such as newspapers and television channels. The advent of new age media sure has led to traditional media taking a backseat in the advertising world, but the latter is still important and figures high in advertisement plans of most brands. This is because of the fact that although a major section of the population has switched over to the digital world, there is still a large section of the world that still relies on the traditional media.

Especially in rural India, where Internet is yet to establish its influence, traditional media plays an important role. Also there are smaller cities in the country, where people aren’t as dependent on the Internet as their fellowmen are in metro cities. Keeping these customers in mind, brand agencies in India do not rule out traditional media from their advertising plans.

Advertising is very vast in its approach and there are several channels and elements through which it reaches out to its audience. It is the interplay of all these elements that make a campaign successful. So ruling out one over the other, may not necessarily result in successful brand promotion.

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