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Reaching the skyline through Advertising

There are so many products available in market and that too in various brands and with wide variety. But we always choose the one that serves our purpose and is worth the money we pay. But these options are made available to us and we become aware of this Brand identity very well through Brand advertising.

Brand identity means creating the specifications and providing every detail which may be about technical or functional specifications of the product, it’s looks, quality, availability, warranty, options and all other details that may be required by a buyer or any person looking for it. When we are aware of the brand identity of a product, only then do we start considering it as an option. This role is intelligently done by the agencies through Brand advertising. Through brand advertising, we come to know about all the necessary highlights and the pros and cons of the product. Also, we are helped to compare various products and pick the best brand.

In order to market a product, companies should make sure that they choose the right advertisement agency for its branding and advertising. This image building is immensely important as this should appeal the target segment of people or clients. Once the brand identity is rightly created and marketed, the success awaits at every turn. Especially when it is Mumbai, it will take the minimal time to reach people and gain clients. This well-known advertising hub in India is rapidly growing and capturing nearly every are in the market.

Brand advertising has become the need of every company and if done carefully, only then can it evolve. Also, the recent method is to pose and make the brand famous through social networking sites like Facebook. This is where millions of people from all over the world can become aware of the brand as the brand advertising thereby becomes successful.

When a brand identity is created and marketed to people, they start looking for it through advertising, Brand advertising when done in the right way through the right advertising agency, just creates the comfortable environment to make maximum business and thereby profits.

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Go with the world with Advertising

In India, there are many new startups as well as established firms and with multiple products. These products have to reach the target group of people and to start with, at least they should be aware of it. This is where our Indian Advertising agencies play a major and very crucial role. These Advertising agencies in India are very strong modes of helping businesses flourish and grow. So when we say that Mumbai and also the world is growing so fast, the reason is certainly this magic of advertising.

There are various interesting and novel ideas used by the Indian Advertising agencies to attract people and the target audience. And have you noticed, it starts with the very first thing in morning; through newspapers. There are many colorful and attractive advertisements; in fact, a complete page is especially dedicated to it. We also come across many such leaflets in our newspapers. Then we move out of the house and not a single place in Mumbai is there without hoardings or marketing of any product. Then we reach our office and there are so many ad pop ups. There again is this rigorous and trending advertising.

The advertising agencies in India have rightly caught this nerve and we are actually known globally now and also our own manufactured products have their unique identity. Also Indian advertising agencies have created a very comfortable bond with the clients, which helps in getting maximum benefit and profits through the right way of endorsing the client products. By right way, I mean that if the product is good but not marketed correctly, it will not reach the right customer segment and certainly will be in loss or low profit. Hence, choosing the perfect way and mode of advertising is very important and this job is done brilliantly by our Indian Advertising agencies.

There is also great competition in the advertising field in India and especially in metro cities like Mumbai. This is where the maximum target audience can be reached. And this being a great and emerging career option with a good chunk of profit, many people in marketing area are getting into advertising. They also create a strong compassionate connection with the people and attract them rightly.

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Flourish in Mumbai with Advertising

Every single person reaches in Mumbai with lot of dreams within. Just with a single flick of vision anywhere in Mumbai, you can see many advertisements, which can be related to anything. This can be right from film industry to any new kitchen product or the new fashion brand in town that sells apparels, shoes and accessories. It is so well presented that knowingly or unknowingly, we tend to notice these advertisements. This is hence a great job done by the Advertising agencies.

These agencies make the promotions so catchy that we give it a single look at least and also notice the pick pints on it. This credit goes to the Creative advertising agencies. Creativity is always pleasing to the eyes and ears. They make it a point that the intention of helping the details reaches the target audience through advertising. And when these are displayed or promoted in a city like Mumbai, there certainly is a jackpot. People here strive hard to get through and work in Mumbai to earn money, get clients, understand new products, and get entertainment news, etc. There can be many such intentions of the crores of people living in Mumbai who have many aspirations. These are certainly fulfilled somewhere by the advertising agencies.

Marketing has become the prime importance section of any business. So even the old and established organizations as well as the budding companies in different industries are approaching the creative advertising agencies to endorse their products. People have started understanding the power of advertising to reach every corner of the globe and create an identity all over.

Also, people are becoming educated and have a great vision towards these advertisements. This makes the people get the right things. All thanks to advertisements by these advertising agencies. Also, they have started attracting huge clients and investors in Indian businesses. It has helped in endorsing Indian products all over the world and get recognition for the same. When the world is ready why not promote and gain using this powerful tool of advertisement. Advertising agencies are doing great job and that too in Mumbai; it is a cherry on the cake.

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The new Mumbai with Advertising

When advertising is changing the world around, how can it leave our very own city of Mumbai, the most populous, the richest and certainly the extremely talented hub existing in the all of Asia?

Mumbai is a city that beholds the rich culture of colonial India while it smartly keeps at an equal pace with the changing trends of the world. Conspicuously talented, this Bollywood city is emerging with a new face that creatively balances between the old world charm of the city and the new tech savvy society. Billboards, social media advertisements, creative videos, innovative digital hoardings, wall paintings, prints ads, internet marketing etc., are transforming the city into a way we know it now.

Capitalization of goods and marketing of products has brought a new culture to the society. Creative advertising agencies and communication agencies have helped Mumbai emerge as one of the biggest market in the whole wide world. Corporate houses from all around the country as well as globe embark here to expand their business and create a unique own identity. With advertising at its rise, Bombay is providing new opportunities to every citizen of India to migrate in the city and start over with a glamorous life.

Mumbai in its ever growing advertisements, make the rich city richer and brings various foreign companies to the landscape that make huge investments and take theirs as well as the city’s success rate higher. Many start-up companies as well as established ones too are now acknowledging the potential of endorsing their schemes and products in the market of this metro city and are thus, fortifying money culture of the Bollywood hub. Youngsters are contributing with their talent and are discovering new ideas with rising technology to give a new dimension to the art of living in Mumbai.

Knowing the potential, many advertising agencies are opening up on the land. These communication and advertising agencies find out creative ways to establish the brand identity for high popularity. People are becoming more and more brand oriented and are living a high-standard life because of these advertisements that constantly move with them wherever they go. Thus, the emergence of a plethora of advertising agencies has not only triggered huge investments by various companies in Mumbai but has also helped in increasing the standard of living.

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How to hire the right Ad Agency for Your Company

A business flourishes when there is trust among the partners and amongst the employees and employer. Your product may be excellent but if your approach towards advertising the services of the company isn’t right, then no matter what you sell, the company would face downright failure. For success, it is crucial that you and advertising agency share a strong bond of trust and compassion. An ad agency not just sells your product but it helps you build an excellent brand image and create a brand identity. Possessing immense importance in effective brand image building, every small and large scale company should wisely hire an ad agency which could serve their purpose truly and efficiently. Some points to keep in mind while hiring a creative ad agency are:-

  • Do not confine your ad agency search to geographical limits
    Yes, it is true that face to face communication is the best, but you never know what the ad agency in your neighbourhood cannot fulfil. It might be that the agency set up miles away could.
  • Search the background and achievements
    In order to hire the best for your company, you need to speculate the past achievements of the agency. The need to contemplate its gradual success over various projects and various arenas are very important.
  • Size should not be the basis of screening companies
    No matter whether the ad agency is small or big, you should never select or reject the agency on the ground of its size. Even small agencies could do wonders and the large ones may just fail to satisfy your requirements.
  • Speculative work should never be entertained
    Many deceiving agencies hire freelancers and when the work is done, these talented freelance workers are nowhere to be located. Therefore, speculative work does not show the actual capability of the ad agency and so you should never hire a creative advertisement agency on the basis of speculative work.
  • Invite the ad agency over your workplace
    It would be really helpful if the agency looks over at you company and knows your work ethics and requirements. It would be helpful in building a strong relationship.
  • Shortlist two to three and then select
    Shortlist two to three ad agencies who could serve your requirements the best and then compare each one with each other to get the perfect agency working for you.

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Advertising Trends in Mumbai

Nowadays, we are watching so many advertisements, wherever we go right from the pan shop to departmental stores, railway stations, bus depot, on pillars, on walls etc.

The new forms of advertising are wall paintings, electric board, neon sign board, acrylic board, sandwich board, florescent lights and lots more. But all these methods consume lot of electricity.

These electric boards create a startling impact on people, they can be placed at high traffic areas, the various sizes, shapes and illumination and to grab more attention of people there are certain 3-dimensional effects in these boards.

A lot of creativity can be used on these boards and they provide visibility from a distance. They appear 24 hours a day without fail with the help of light and vinyl colours. They can be used as directional like pointing out the locations. It’s a good way to remind the audience about the product which is being advertised. Ad agencies in Mumbai hardly fail to create a stir.

Disadvantages: It demands that the message should be brief and simple, so it’s relatively difficult to communicate about the product details. The construction of new boards is restricted by cost, space availability and certain codes of municipality and regulations of environments act. The fragmented nature of ownership of these media makes it difficult for the advertisers. Obstruction by streetlamps, trees, branches which makes it of no use. Sometimes it may lead to wastage of resources and adversely affect the beauty of this city. Even illegal boards create loss of revenues to the respective government.

The media agencies in Mumbai are trying hard to deliver rich advertisements in form of videos, apps based adverts on mobile devices, social media adverts which not only make the environment cleaner and healthier but also reaches straight to the user’s lap and pockets.

In this new tech savvy world, viral videos have also become a great way of advertising, these videos serves as a promotional vehicle which helps in replacing the conventional ways of advertising. People nowadays spends a very less time in reading newspapers and listening to radio, as the newer ways of advertising like videos, social media ads and mobile based ads are readily available to the users and can generate more earnings for companies.

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Outdoor advertising trends in Mumbai –are we up for the challenge!!

Though Mumbai’s official twin sister city is Stuttgart in Germany , but for people of our country, Mumbai , for long, has had the aspirational qualities of New York. Everyone wants to work here and be a part of the exciting and maddening chaos.

The latest in fashion (can’t deny the fact the Bollywood has had its influence), business, industry, etc. make it the trendsetter for the rest of the metros.

Especially for advertising, trends spread like wild fire. Since it’s becoming more and more tough to catch the attention of the masses, ad agencies have to come up with the most unique and path breaking ideas to put forward products and services.

In any big city, most of the time people spend is in travelling, whether its trains, buses, cars, two wheelers, etc. Hence, outdoor advertising is the definite way to grab maximum attention.

Advertising landscape today
Outdoor advertising trends fast catching up in other parts of the world include billboards, street furniture, transit advertising and alternative media. Media Solution Agencies in Mumbai may want to emulate the west but due to the nature of audience and restrictions end up holding back on their creativity related to content.

The most common way is advertising in a mall, where you would easily appeal to people from all age groups, gender and spending capacity.

Another most sought after medium are billboards /hoardings. Perfect for getting your message across to a large group of people, fast.

In order to constantly stimulate the minds of your audience in the right way, a hard hitting message shouting out from a life size billboard would be less effective after a period of time. Hence, the need for new and innovative mediums must be recognized.

Where the industry should aim to be?
One of the best cities to experiment with for different advertising experiences would be Mumbai , because of the open minded and interactive culture in the city. Creative advertising agencies in Mumbai could do much better by exploring new mediums like bus benches, graffiti, street advertising , walls capes , Automobile & Building Wraps and interactive out of home advertising.

How many of us have seen the slick interactive ads on YouTube or Facebook and go wow thinking this kind of stuff should come to India!

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Mumbai – The next advertising hub of the country

One of the recent news pieces caught my attention, which said 30 of our country’s 68 millionaires reside in Mumbai city. That’s a lot of money just for Mumbai. This doesn’t come as a surprise since its one of the most favored destinations for the wealth creators to live. Another news suggests that the University of Mumbai has more millionaire alumni than MIT and LSE.

Imagine the kind of opportunity if offers for advertising and marketing in the city. More purchasing power, equals more demand for goods and services or if it’s the rich and famous, it could be luxury goods and services. Given the sheer number of people residing in this city (Mumbai is the most populated city in India and the fourth most populated city in the world), it comes as a no surprise how advertising agencies in Mumbai go all out to woo their customers .

Strategies for the future
Given the forecasts for advertising trends in the world, the traditional means of advertising are paving the way for new era in digital marketing and advertising. As advertising and marketing are becoming more and more personalized and customized, it makes sense to identify who your audience/customer is, to better adapt your strategies.

In today’s era of online, digital advertising, it no longer matters which part of the county you live in. As long as you’re able to create the right kind of attention through the web, social media and other online channels and platforms, you are on the right track.

What makes it tick – talent pool
Talent cannot be restricted to boundaries, saying Mumbai has more of something and that Delhi lacks in that field. It would be inappropriate. But a city’s culture definitely plays a super important role in nurturing talent, along with the opportunity available that would decide where it is available in abundance.

This goes to show the reason for IT companies setting up camps in Bangalore where in IT talent is most abundant. Any creative advertising agency in Mumbai looking to make its mark in the ad industry should be looking to utilize and retain the existing talent pool along with using the new age tools for smarter, always-on and more customer centric advertising.

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Is Online Advertising Replacing Traditional Advertising

With more and more companies adopting online advertising, you may ask is online advertising the future of advertising and will advertising in traditional media gradually peter away? This is a question that has been discussed and debated all around the globe. The online media definitely has gained quite a lot of precedence among businesses who want to expand their business and reach out to their target audiences more instantaneously. But the future of traditional media being bleak is questionable?

More and more companies are now opting for online media for advertising because of the reach and efficacy that it has. More and more people are now registering online for business, education, recreation etc and this has led to a huge database of online users. Most brand agencies in India are now focussing on using the online platform for brand promotion activities because of the several advantages it offers.

On the other hand, companies have not shunned the practice of advertising in traditional media such as newspapers and television channels. The advent of new age media sure has led to traditional media taking a backseat in the advertising world, but the latter is still important and figures high in advertisement plans of most brands. This is because of the fact that although a major section of the population has switched over to the digital world, there is still a large section of the world that still relies on the traditional media.

Especially in rural India, where Internet is yet to establish its influence, traditional media plays an important role. Also there are smaller cities in the country, where people aren’t as dependent on the Internet as their fellowmen are in metro cities. Keeping these customers in mind, brand agencies in India do not rule out traditional media from their advertising plans.

Advertising is very vast in its approach and there are several channels and elements through which it reaches out to its audience. It is the interplay of all these elements that make a campaign successful. So ruling out one over the other, may not necessarily result in successful brand promotion.

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Advertising Communication

How Does Advertising Facilitate Communication

Besides operations and customer service, every company needs to focus on the communication channels it opens up with its consumer base to ensure success in its business. Communication is integral for success of a business entity. Communication can be undertaken by way of published paid content or by cleverly designed advertisements. Till a few years ago, advertising had a very straightforward approach and the focus was mainly on promotion rather than on the communication.

Today, the approach is focused mainly on the messaging. Messaging is extremely important as it communicates more than just the details of the product that is being promoted. Nowadays, ad agencies in Mumbai are focusing on the message that is communicated to the target audience and designing advertisements that are more effective. You will notice that these days advertisements touch on social issues and make their advertisements more communicative. The common man can relate to these advertisements because of the messaging that has been adopted.

These days companies hire advertising agencies in India which help them in creating such advertisements. Such advertisements not only help in promoting the brand and the product, but also facilitate a better brand recall value among their consumers. The brand reputation is increased when an advertisement showcases the values and principles that the company believes in. Today, advertisements have become a way in which the company expresses its pledge to contribute to the society, thus instilling brand loyalty among their consumers.

If you are a business owner and want to showcase your company and products in a unique light before your customers, you can seek help from the leading advertisement agencies in India. On surfing the Internet, you will come across a large number of campaigns that different brands have undertaken to position their brand in a more consumer centric light. This helps them in not only retaining their existing customers but also getting more and more customers to like and buy their products.

Communication thus plays an important role in effective advertising. You will find several companies that offer excellent advertising services.

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