trends of the Indian advertising

Changing trends of the Indian advertising scene

Advertising is an age old concept, having begun with word-of-mouth publicity. Over time, newer methods of advertising were developed such as public announcements, newspapers, and billboards, flyers, television, radio and the internet. Advertorial campaigns are designed in a way to entice a sizeable proportion of the population for purchasing different goods and services. Any media agency in India comes up with campaigns for the television network, newspapers and internet which would attract the largest possible buyer base.

In recent times, social media has taken over as the main form of advertisements with the outreach of the internet expanding every year. The media allows both interactive sessions and unidirectional flow of information. They allow consumers to become an integral part of the purchase process by including their contributions to campaigns. Rating techniques, opinion polls and audience feedbacks are some of the ways through which a media agency in India collects information from the masses about their preferences and tastes. The latest marketing techniques involve targeting different customer groups for a particular product. This includes profiling a customer’s internet usage pattern to come up with the right products that s/he would be interested in buying. Not only is this method cost effective, it is also more result driven as you know the spending habits of the person you are targeting.

Target based marketing is quite popular for urban centers and rural areas alike, thanks to the increased usage of the internet in non-urban centers. There are 214 million internet users in the country which serves as a significant base that needs to be tapped for selling consumer products and services.

However, this in no way suggests that the importance of print media is lost. The print media is particularly useful because a lot of people are unfamiliar with the way the internet works or cannot access it every day. A print ad agency in India tries to come up with the most lucrative captions and images to titillate a particular consumer group and position a product accordingly. A good print ad agency in India also makes extensive usage of billboards, pamphlets and flyers for releasing advertisements.

The advertising world has indeed become more competitive for a media agency in India because each one is vying for the attention of 1.2 billion Indians.

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