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Zappy Products launched by Rego Advertising



The Objective

Anand Bhog wanted to introduce their new instant mix brand. It consisted of ready to eat, ready to cook and ready to drink mixes. They needed a positioning and brand name that showed it as a healthy and convenient food brand. Also, they needed collaterals and BTL advertising to promote that brand.

The Campaign

2 10 chutney 1 chutney 2 sugarcane juice


Rego came up with different ideas and positioning to promote the brand. The one that clicked well with the client was – ‘Zappy makes you happy’. The idea of Zappy is to bring the convenience of enjoying good food. One that can be made in an instant and taste just like home made. From packaging to brochures, posters, stall designs, etc. A 360 degree branding campaign was done for Zappy. To create the brands presence in the digital world a website was also designed and social media posts were made.

The Result

zappy website

Recently launched in the market, Zappy has received a positive response by the consumers and dealers alike.

10 Things Your Competitor can teach you about Success

Running businessman.

Being a businessman or entrepreneur means having to face stiff competition in any venture you get into. At times these competitors can also come in handy by giving you much needed lessons about success and how you can make your business grow.

In this blog we take a look at 10 things your competitors can teach you on how to be successful.

Failing boldly


Failures happen no matter how hard you work to be successful. Even the most successful people have failed at a point of time in their life. This didn’t stop them from being successful and is no reason for you to stop being successful too.

Setting goals


Your competitors have a goal set in their mind and are always achieve it. That’s why they are at the top of the ladder instead of you. Try setting small term goals that you can achieve on a daily basis instead of long term goal which you may not achieve.

Don’t depend on luck


Luck doesn’t play a big part on your success but hard work and dedication do. Luck at times plays a really small part, if any and even that doesn’t guarantee your success. Don’t wait for the perfect time or idea to come to you, instead work hard and you might surprise yourself by getting that perfect idea one day for sure.

Track your progress


While you’re on your way to be successful do keep some tabs on your progress. By doing so, you get to know how much you have grown and what more you need to do. This way you can make adjustments to your schedule and increase your performance by a bigger margin.

Don’t wait to act


Successful people don’t wait for the right answers or time; they take action and let the answers come to them. Similarly, you too should focus on your actions rather than waiting for the right answers to come to you.

Always be confident

i can

As they say confidence is the key, it holds true in business also. Believe in your abilities and assess yourself to clearly understand what you are able to achieve. Use that as a fuel to light your own fire.



Successful people are committed to what they do. They know that success doesn’t come without any effort and so should you. Always be prepared to go the extra mile everyday you will reach your goal without fail.

Stay alert


Be alert of your surroundings because, you never know when an opportunity might pass by. Receiving news about the competition or the market does help from time to time.





Another thing about successful people is that they never give up. No matter how many times they fail, they get up and do it again and again until they win. You can also persevere by willingly facing any challenges that come your way, even if they seem impossible at times.

Display humility


One thing that your successful competitors don’t have is this – ego. It’s because they understand what it is like, working in an environment like theirs and facing failure. You should display some humility by holding yourself accountable in every aspect of your life. This is how you will remain focused and humble.

Follow these lessons every day and surely one day you will be able carve out your own path to success.

Sleek the first modular kitchen companies in India

sleek (1)

What Rego did for Sleek

Rego not only took care of all the advertising and communication needs of Sleek, but also gave them its brand positioning that set the graph soaring for Sleek. The creative team derived a Brand Positioning that cut through all the challenges the brand was facing when it came to consumer confidence. It was the Big Idea that was soon going to change the fortunes of Sleek, cut through their competition, and put them in a leadership position in the market.

Sleek International

Brand Campaign 2011-2012

Our next strategy was to rope in a brand ambassador to further push our Brand Positioning of ‘The Kitchen Specialist’, pointed towards India’s most popular master chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The idea that ‘A Specialist like Sanjeev Kapoor endorses the Kitchen Specialist – Sleek’ was a proposition that appealed to the client.

Sanjeev Kapoor became Sleek’s Brand Ambassador, and he drove home the point of Sleek being a ‘Kitchen Specialist’.

The next brand campaign with Sanjeev Kapoor in a Sleek Kitchen, talking in a most matter-of-fact way about what makes Sleek a Kitchen Specialist, was an extremely believable campaign that won the trust of the consumer, and praise from even the competition.


The Result

In over 5 years of Rego’s Branding of Sleek, enabled Sleek to grow 5 times. Their dealer network grew from 100 in 2009 to 900+ dealers today. Sleek has given immense awareness due to the Brand Positioning created by Rego – Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist. The biggest impact was the merger with Asian Paints in 2013.

sleek (7)


10 Myths about Money


Coins and plant, isolated on white background

Money is something that drives us all to spend our adult life trying to earn more of. We can’t live without it and cannot live with it too. However, some people have built this misconception about having money that really isn’t true. In this blog we discuss these topics and bust some myths that people have regarding money

Here are 10 myths about money that everyone should know:

Buying things on sale is a great way to save money


People love buying a lot of things during sale, but in reality, buying things on sale has little to do with saving money. Unless you stop at the bank and deposit the difference between the sale price and the regular price, you’re not saving at all. At best, you’re simply spending less.

More money you earn, the happier you’ll be


One thing that everyone should know by now is that money doesn’t equals happiness. The people who earn a lot of money end up spending more as their standard of living grows. Even some research shows that what you spend your money on influences your happiness.

Money is the root of all evil


The truth is that money isn’t good or bad, it’s what you do with it that matters. You have to know that money is about choice, and you can use it to reach your goals, whether, to you, it means creating a savings account so that you don’t have to worry, donating it to charity or leaving it for your kids.

It’s too risky to invest your money

images (1)

In reality, it’s too risky to not invest your money. Suppose you have stashed some money you’ve saved in a savings account, the chances of losing that money to inflation is higher than investing it.

It’s better to use cash than credit cards while shopping


While cash may come in handy for making purchases but using credit cards has its benefits also. Making purchases via credit cards lets us review how much we spend in one, consolidated place. Plus, credit cards offer protection like insurance for purchases, travel insurance, and the ability to dispute charges.

Wanting money doesn’t make you selfish or materialistic


Money gives you the means to lead the kind of life you want: fulfilling, interesting, secure and independent. Being financially rich gives you choices so you can live a more rewarding life.

Making money isn’t a race


Competition certainly fuels some people’s desire to make more money and sometimes these competitors tend to do things that they shouldn’t for bigger payoffs. But if you stay focused on your own goals and ignore the competitors you will obviously earn more.

You don’t need to have more money to make more money


Small sums can add up to big dividends if you properly use the money you have. People with less money often tend to spend the money they have. Whereas, people with more money think twice before spending it as they rather have more money than none.

Time is money


Quoted by Benjamin Franklin, this statement is true in a sense that earning a salary generally involves the expenditure of time. However, the actual meaning of this statement is to make money even while you’re not working. That’s why investments, royalties and property are important in the acquisition of wealth.

More money means less time with family


If you make a lot of money that means you get to spend less time with your family. This is obviously a myth as if you design and plan your lifestyle the right way, you’ll have plenty of time to spend with your family and make money at the same time.

7 Things about Youth Your Boss Should Know

boss and employee

Today’s youth are a different lot in the workplace. They want to prove their worth in the workplace and go great lengths to do so. This is something that comes as a surprise to many Bosses and Employers who don’t know how to handle them. In this blog we have compiled a list of seven things that every Boss should know about the youth.

Here are seven things every boss should know about the youth:

Their job means everything to them


For youth their job is their life, their identity, it’s what they think about all the time. They want to succeed in their life and the way they see it, only if they are able to succeed at work, they can succeed in life.

They aren’t motivated as much by money

Employee Motivation

Many youth that live with their families don’t need too much of money to spend on things. That’s why, bigger paychecks isn’t a tool of motivation for them only an incentive for the work they do.

They aren’t shy

no shyness

Today’s youth aren’t like the elders who would sit silent and watch. They want their opinion to be heard and they don’t shy away from voicing their opinions. This is in a way a good thing for the bosses, but some might see it as being disrespectful to them.

They aren’t keen on doing boring work  



Youngsters want to do work that’s engaging and also is interesting. They are put-off by work that seems boring or too tedious. It’s mostly because they want to be seen doing work that contributes to the company and helps in their growth.

They are risk takers


Today’s youth are big risk takers. Unlike the old generation which consist of people doing everything they can to avoid risk, they are up for any challenge that they might come across.

They don’t stay at one place forever



Youngsters love to explore, be it the world or the work. They aren’t as loyal as many older employees who prefer to stick to one place. It’s not because they are incompetent or disloyal, it’s just that they haven’t come to the decision of what they actually want to achieve in life.

They understand technology better


Having been born at a time when technology had become a part of our lives is what gives them an edge over other senior figures. Also with time, technology became less challenging and more user-friendly. Because of that, today’s youth can do better jobs and save time as well.