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Recent trends in the Indian advertising industry and their impact

Recent trends in the Indian advertising industry and their impact
21st century India has witnessed a gigantic customer revolution. The economy has scaled up to a staggering $2 trillion from a mere $422 billion back in 2001. Per capita incomes are on the rise along with the Gross Domestic Product or GDP. Some consumption segments have managed to hold on to their high billing including mobile phones, subscriptions and also cars. Indian advertising has naturally transformed itself to match the changing needs and demands of the newly emancipated population.

According to advertising experts, the landscape has shifted considerably as compared to the earlier decade and even the last few years. Service oriented sectors have grown as opposed to the slump in the manufacturing and production sector. This has impacted advertising immensely. Services now dominate both the print and television advertising categories and this is one of the biggest trends in the sector in recent times. Television has heralded its dominance over all other media platforms when it comes to advertising. According to industry statistics, television holds the lion’s share of advertising expenditure which is more than 40% while digital media is also rapidly expanding its footprints and will soon move into double digits.

Print media expenditure has gone down considerably and stands at less than the coveted 40% mark as per recent reports and statistics. Television is increasingly being used as a prime advertising platform by nationally acclaimed companies and organizations while print is the marketing weapon of choice for local and regional players. Alongside, advertising has witnessed the interdependence of media platforms where they often work complementary to each other to get the message across. This is another new development which is being tapped by agencies for their campaigns and marketing blueprints.

Soft drink companies still advertise hugely in their bid to outdo each other and this translates into fantastic advertising. Alongside, other duels have emerged between telecommunication companies and mobile phone companies as well. The Samsung and Nokia or Vodafone and Airtel battles are the stuff of modern day advertising legend. The telecom industry has taken up a huge space as far as advertising is concerned. Alongside, FMCG sectors are having a field day when it comes to occupying advertising space and consumer mind spaces. FMCG players are investing heavily in television advertising in recent times while consumer durables sectors are witnessing a quiet exit from the advertising space.

Digital media is slated to be the next big thing in advertising and may soon overtake print as reinforcement to television advertising.

Recent trends in the Indian advertising industry and their impact

What every advertising team should possess for a great campaign

What every advertising team should possess for a great campaign

A well known brand is not built in a day and neither is a solid advertising campaign. There are multiple agencies out there but what they sorely lack is coordination among the members of their creative team. A well oiled team is what takes a campaign from good to great. Here are some of the most important attributes that every good creative team should possess:

Proper communication while working on projects is very important. There are multiple functions and skills needed to execute campaigns and this requires many people to work together as a team. Proper communication between team members is essential for getting projects off the ground and breaking dead locks. The team should be able to get its message across clearly to clients as well.

The team should prioritize creativity above all else:
It is important to ensure that creativity does not get lost amidst the matrix of marketing targets and figures. Creative thought and brainstorming often makes teams come up with fantastic ideas for campaigns and out of the box thinking is only possible with multiple perspectives of team members for a particular project. Client servicing skills are a must as customer satisfaction is after all the chief motto of any company in the advertising space. The whole team must always be aware of client requirements and should communicate with each other for the fulfillment of targets.

The creative team should have immaculate designing ability and inputs should come from each member of the team with regard to layout, artwork, colors and fonts among other aspects. The whole team should have the ability to execute and plan campaigns together. Harmony is a key aspect when so many people work together and advertising agencies should look at building productive professional ambiences which facilitate harmonious professional relationships. A good team should display particular skills with regard to solving problems. Well oiled teams always chip in for each other’s problems and are able to brainstorm quickly to come up with tangible solutions.

Quick solutions enable teams to beat deadlines and avoid unnecessary pressure from the client’s end and this is highly essential as a result. Teams should be able to focus on time and resource management and should be able to maximize both to achieve the best possible results. Advertising is a deadline based profession and projects should be smoothly managed by each member of a team. The team should be good with words and should be able to inspire the copywriter whenever he/she is short of ideas or perspectives. A thorough understanding of marketing concepts and sales always helps as well.

What every advertising team should possess for a great campaign

What every agency must possess in order to attract big clients

What every agency must possess in order to attract big clients

Every agency must possess particular attitudes and skills for drawing big business by way of campaigns and projects. Some of these attributes include project management skills, proper goal oriented focus and multi-domain expertise. These attributes are covered extensively below:

Agencies should always possess sound project management skills:
Good project management skills always impress clients exceedingly. Expertise in this area is highly coveted when big ticket companies look for an advertising agency. Sometimes, agencies only concentrate on the design and creative aspects of the job. Companies are left with only an attractive creative template which is a raw deal in itself as execution and implementation aspects remain sorely missing. A clear message and philosophy should be working behind each and every activity of an advertising agency. Agencies should be able to work in collaboration with their clients on a regular basis and delve deep into company vision, mission, objectives and goals while working on campaigns.

The agency should have excellent communication skills and a seasoned team taking care of projects. Client handling is a skill which goes a long way towards keeping relationships fruitful and productive at all times. An agency should be able to draw up a specific timeline with regard to project delivery and the resources required for the same. Campaign management and coordination with the parent company require experienced professionals with a tireless commitment towards success of the same.

Agencies should focus on results that are measurable:
Advertising agencies should endeavor to provide proper benchmarks, metrics, figures, analytics, statistics and objectives with regard to the results of their campaigns and the responses to the same. A proper agency partner will always look to measure and quantify each step in the brand building process.

This helps both companies and agencies stay on track with regard to chalking out the best course of action at all junctures of the project in question. Big ticket clients always look for proper statistics and objectives underlined in reference to the same. Vague representations of targets and results will drive companies away from any agency. This is something that agencies must inculcate into their professional methodologies to earn big business.

Agencies should possess thorough understanding of multiple media platforms:
All good agencies should be able to delineate the expectations and strategies for each separate domain. There should be in-house team leaders and experts for each division, namely television, radio, magazines, newspapers, the Internet and hoardings or billboards.

What every agency must possess in order to attract big clients


Must-have attributes of a good advertising agency in India

Must-have attributes of a good advertising agency in India

Marketing is often neglected by companies and organizations that remain busy in their tryst to ramp up sales, managing sales teams and acting on business leads. In today’s competitive market, marketing and advertising occupies a lot of importance. Building your own brand identity is of paramount importance. A good advertising agency can help you accomplish this task with a little effort and oodles of creativity. However, making the right choice may be a trying task. There are some characteristics, however, which must be possessed by any advertising agency worth its salt. These are listed below:

A good agency always possesses comprehensive brand marketing solutions for customers
Advertising agencies with experience in the field know the importance of offering comprehensively tailored brand marketing and building solutions to their client base. A good agency will always want to learn about the basics of a company and what makes it tick before venturing to plan and design an advertising and promotional strategy. A good agency will always have campaign capabilities across multiple media platforms and hubs. A good agency will possess expertise in design, copywriting, online media, print media, television campaigns, email marketing, blogging and public relations among other activities. A power packed advertising agency will always have enough horsepower to go the whole hog for esteemed clients and brands.

Top class advertising agencies are always a storehouse of innovation, creativity and new ideas
You will be able to distinguish the good from the bad through a parameter like this. With a good agency, there is always a shift in perspective to radical, often shockingly innovative zones. Good agencies thrive on out of the box thinking and not simple rehashing of tried and tested concepts. This is something that is visible immediately in all presentations and discourses offered to clients. A skilled creative team must be present at any reputed agency and is the backbone of any organization in this sector.

A competent agency always has clearly defined work methodologies and processes
Building a brand is possible in recent times with the endless options in store for companies. However, a competent advertising agency will always have a research and homework oriented approach which again, is also clearly visible at the very outset. There must be a proper marketing and promotional process developed at the agency. A good agency will always have its own innovative work process that has delivered results in the past.

Must-have attributes of a good advertising agency in India



Sleek wanted a good Brand Communication strategy with a Brand Positioning and a nationwide Media Plan. The Rego team put on their thinking caps and came up with a winning strategy along with a media solution that helped Sleek emerge as the No. 1 modular kitchen brand in India.

The whole brand process started with a thorough understanding of the market and consumer. Rego Advertising, a creative ad agency in Mumbai with the help of client inputs and Rego’s in-house brand research team, began its study. Along with internet and market resources, the Rego, brand agency in Mumbai also conducted brand-consumer interfaces by taking potential consumers to the Sleek showroom, and studying their responses towards the brand.

The modular kitchen market was growing at a snail’s pace as people had a more ‘dependable’ option in the carpenter. Even after visiting the showroom and discussion with the Sleek design team, the price-conscious consumer would, in the end, choose the carpenter as it gave her an assurance of quality and cost her much less than a branded kitchen.

Though slowly, the trend was changing. Economy was looking good. With increased spending power, the middle class and higher middle class began to aspire for better lifestyles. The globe-trotting Indian consumer was now aware of designer kitchens and wanted one for his home. The time was right for Sleek to strike big time. A good scenario was the non-existence of a clear leader in the modular kitchen industry. The place at the top was empty.

Key Consumer Insights

  • Consumers want information and understanding of modular kitchens.
  • They want a brand that they can depend on for quality and durability.
  • They want a brand that has those classy European style kitchens, without costing as much.

Rego, Advertising Agency in Mumbai believes a clear Brand Positioning always helps a brand to establish and distinguish itself from its competitor, and occupy a place in the consumer’s mind.

The Rego Creative Team derived a Brand Positioning that cut through all the challenges the brand was facing when it came to consumer confidence. It was the Big Idea that was soon going to change the fortunes of Sleek, cut through their competition, and put them in a leadership position in the market.

To push the positioning of ‘The Kitchen Specialist’, we roped in India’s cooking specialist, the master chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The idea that ‘A Specialist like Sanjeev Kapoor endorses the Kitchen Specialist – Sleek’ was a proposition that appealed to the client.

Sanjeev Kapoor became Sleek’s Brand Ambassador, and he drove home the point of Sleek being a ‘Kitchen Specialist’

The next brand campaign with Sanjeev Kapoor in a Sleek Kitchen, talking in a most matter-of-fact way about what makes Sleek a Kitchen Specialist, was an extremely believable campaign that won the trust of the consumer, and the praise from even the competition.

The popularity and recognition of Sanjeev Kapoor gave the brand an immense boost. People turned and looked at the ad, and nodded in acknowledgement.