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Why are more advertising agencies taking to target based advertisements?

The Indian media industry has seen a sea of change within a decade. Ever since the internet was made available in almost every corner of the country, an Indian advertising agency has started prioritizing it over other forms of mass media such as television, radio and newspapers. The Internet not only allows you to launch cost-effective publicity campaigns but acts as a two way street. Both advertisers and targeted groups can communicate about goods and services. A communication agency launches a video blog (vlog), podcast, blog post or ad campaign on Twitter and Facebook which is viewed by internet users. These users can in turn provide feedback on the campaigns through comments, opinion polls, ratings and other channels.

Since internet advertising is a two way street advertisers have decided to adopt target advertising that can lead to substantial results in quicker time. Unlike mass media which targets an audience without knowing its tastes or preference, an Indian advertising agency working with the internet, profiles a user before bombarding him/her with ads. That way, the agency knows for sure that the person who is seeing the advertisement would be interested in buying the service or product sooner or later.

There are quite a few methods that an Indian advertising agency adopts to analyze the effectiveness of a particular campaign. It uses analytics tools to observe the time of logging in of a particular user, the pages visited or liked by the user on Facebook and the handles followed by him/her on Twitter along with the discussions she/he participates in. Using the information collected about a user group at a particular hour of the day, the products which would appeal most to them are advertised. For new users, a communication agency throws ads belonging to different genres at them to observe the response of the user. Based on the user’s actions, the communication agency displays further ads. Viral advertising is another surefire way of gathering user interest about a particular product. Ad campaigns pertaining to a particular brand of product or genre is shown to users once they visit a site of a similar nature.

This method of target based advertising is trending globally and the Indian advertising agency too has adopted it rather seamlessly.

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Why should you hire design studios in India for building your website?

Every business worth its salt today has a website that showcases its services or products and other information. Although there are many platforms available that allow you to create your own website, these websites turn out to be simplistic both in terms of layouts and functioning. In order to make an impact online, you need to have a well constructed website, replete with impressive content and web programming for making it appear on the top rungs of Google’s search list. Unless a website appears in the top 2 search pages of Google’s result list, it fails to make much impact in the online space.

Design studios in India not only design your website using web development applications and mappings, they also manage the publicity of the website to ensure you generate enough revenue from it. They take care of the brand strategy and social media marketing of your website through promotional campaigns online, pay per click campaigns, video blogs, and other promotional campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Design studios in India have PHP developers, web designers and coding experts who look into the development of websites on various platforms such as Joomla, Magento and Word press. They also handle content management systems and customer relationship management. Design studios code the program for your website to pave the way for the incorporation of keywords used by most users to seek out particular services and products related to your own domain. They also keep shuffling content and keywords in order to keep up with the current trends in the market.

Some design studios in India also offer the services of application development for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone platforms. A lot of companies nowadays have applications which are downloaded by users for their smartphones. The template for these applications is also developed by design studios.

The role played by design studios has become significant in the online scenario because they can make a website popular almost overnight. Website owners can track the effectiveness of different campaigns and the growth in their traffic through the tools provided by various web development platforms. Design studios in India incorporate the suggestions of clients for making the site more useful and closer to the essence of the service/product that it has been dedicated to.

Therefore it is hardly surprising that entrepreneurs and business owners rely heavily on the mushrooming number of web design studios of India for their website based needs.

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Changing trends of the Indian advertising scene

Advertising is an age old concept, having begun with word-of-mouth publicity. Over time, newer methods of advertising were developed such as public announcements, newspapers, and billboards, flyers, television, radio and the internet. Advertorial campaigns are designed in a way to entice a sizeable proportion of the population for purchasing different goods and services. Any media agency in India comes up with campaigns for the television network, newspapers and internet which would attract the largest possible buyer base.

In recent times, social media has taken over as the main form of advertisements with the outreach of the internet expanding every year. The media allows both interactive sessions and unidirectional flow of information. They allow consumers to become an integral part of the purchase process by including their contributions to campaigns. Rating techniques, opinion polls and audience feedbacks are some of the ways through which a media agency in India collects information from the masses about their preferences and tastes. The latest marketing techniques involve targeting different customer groups for a particular product. This includes profiling a customer’s internet usage pattern to come up with the right products that s/he would be interested in buying. Not only is this method cost effective, it is also more result driven as you know the spending habits of the person you are targeting.

Target based marketing is quite popular for urban centers and rural areas alike, thanks to the increased usage of the internet in non-urban centers. There are 214 million internet users in the country which serves as a significant base that needs to be tapped for selling consumer products and services.

However, this in no way suggests that the importance of print media is lost. The print media is particularly useful because a lot of people are unfamiliar with the way the internet works or cannot access it every day. A print ad agency in India tries to come up with the most lucrative captions and images to titillate a particular consumer group and position a product accordingly. A good print ad agency in India also makes extensive usage of billboards, pamphlets and flyers for releasing advertisements.

The advertising world has indeed become more competitive for a media agency in India because each one is vying for the attention of 1.2 billion Indians.

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Digital advertising

Digital advertising to grow to the tune of CAGR 27.7% by 2018

One of the fastest growing sectors in the country is the media and entertainment arena. It comprises of television, film, and print media advertising, digital and musical among others. Over the past few years, there has been tremendous growth in this segment. Print media advertising and television is reaching a saturation point, although it is far from exhaustion.

The digital media segment is actually one of the rapidly growing segments and it is slowly gaining more ground. The Indian entertainment and media industry has grown by a double digit figure of 11.8 percent overall in 2013. However, gaming and digital advertising has recorded astounding growth rates which are near about 40 percent. A research by KPMG in the past year has stated that digital advertising and media has grown to cover a wider base compared to the previous year. In 2013, digital media advertising notched up 8 percent of the advertising sector, compared to 5 percent in 2012. According to a KPMG-FICCI report, the media and entertainment industry of India enjoys an outreach of 161 million via television and 94,000+ via newspapers. There is however 214 million users of internet in India, of which 130 million people use their cell phones to access the internet. Given these figures, a creative advertising agency has a lot of scope to reach out to a wider audience by tweaking campaigns uniquely to suit the sensibilities of this growing audience.

India’s television advertising pie has been valued at Rs 41,720 crores almost in 2013 and is expect to growth at CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of 16.2 percent between 2013 and 2018, to amount to Rs 88,500 crores by the end of the period. The estimated size of the Indian advertising market is around USD 5 million, which makes it the 14th largest one in the world, according to the latest issue of Gunn Report. The CAGR of digital advertising is also expected to be around 27.7 percent by the year 2018.

The media and entertainment industry of India shall continue its reliance on digital media. The expanding user base of the internet has the potential to generate vast revenues for the industry. A creative advertising agency must make use of these forecasts for the industry to plan its growth trajectory. From 2013 onwards, telecommunication companies began focusing on data as means of revenue generation. A print media advertising agency and others would have to compete against each other for acquiring digital and social media domains. This certainly spells a bright future for this industry.

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