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Brand advertising nuances and strategies

Brand advertising is not made successful only with creative solutions and obsessive marketing. There are several intricate nuances of the entire process, those that your advertising agency or advertising partner should be able to understand and take you through. When it comes to establishing your own brand identity, your agency should first try and understand the target market or audience. There should be a clear idea of the target market, behavioral characteristics, buying habits, age, gender statistics, preferences, perception of your company name or previous brands and so on. This information comes in handy when it comes to planning campaigns and also when buying media for a particular product or brand.

Target market research has to be an ongoing affair with regard to finding out key demographics that help the agency select the right media channels for promoting a particular brand along with launching preference and demographic directed campaigns for best results. Market research is the sole route towards finding out about appropriate marketing vehicles for specific products and services to be promoted. Consumer behavior has to be understood on a much larger plane instead of simply thinking about budget, costs and mass marketing hype. Your agency should set clearly defined business objectives and look for specific targets while promoting your business on particular media platforms, be it direct sales, loyalty, awareness, education or any other motive.

A media buying and planning strategy has to be tailored for the success of your campaign. Your agency should give you a logical budget without going over the top or trying to be too stingy. There should be a balance when it comes to promoting your business or product without spending an unreasonable fortune on the same. Every media and promotion plan should contain certain key elements like a summary of the primary strategy in place, business objectives, targeted audience, targeted viewership or consumer statistics, timeline for achievement of objectives, desired media outlets and channels, expected return on investment, budgetary factors and channel based returns based on logical analysis and expectations.

This is something that an advertising agency and client should sit down and get a clear picture of, before proceeding. You can go for agencies like Rego Advertising which specializes in solution backed, efficient branding, marketing, media buying and promotional strategies for clients based on their budgets, requirements and overall objectives.

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Your media agency in India and media buying

There are numerous advertising and design studios in India that offer branding, marketing and promotional solutions to their clients. However, media buying and planning are vital cogs in the wheel that ensure that clients reach out to a larger client base, thereby enabling larger marketing of their products in turn. Media buying is an intricate affair and many agencies and managers often get it horribly wrong with their fanaticism and obsessions relating to payments for media spots. Cheap media is mostly a two edged sword; while it may save you money, it may also lead to almost no results on account of limited audiences and non viability.

Your media agency in India should definitely specialize in top class media buying and planning above all else. The fact remains that any agency can purchase media spots for good prices. Advertisers rarely purchase above market rates other than companies which have inadequate purchase processes. The agencies need to have proper systems and processes activated in order to ensure that they are purchasing the right spots for their clients and garnering them greater visibility in line with their budgets. The right media strategy is very important in today’s times, particularly with the rise and advent of digital media platforms and the multi-channel approach options this has opened up to agencies. Traditional agencies are also taking the digital OOH and interactive route and embracing social media more actively.

The problem lies in the fact that multiple advertisers and their media buyers and planners usually operate within restricted and limiting paradigms that lean more towards traditional channels. Focusing on cost leads to overlooking strategy in planning and buying. Media selection tends to get neglected in these cases as a result.Your agency should have a proper benchmarking system in order to select the right and most suitable channels for you. If you get a cheap channel with limited results, that is not really the right strategy to develop your brand in a competitive mass market in India.

If you’re looking for a seasoned advertising agency capable of handling the ropes in terms of media buying and planning, you can think of Rego Advertising which deals in media buying and planning along with other service offerings. Rego has a research based approach towards media buying and offers supreme returns, visibility and audience access to its clients.

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Choosing the right Indian advertising agency for your campaign

You will be spoilt for choice on paper, if you are seeking an Indian advertising agency that gives you the best bang for your buck. Choosing the right agency often seems like a nightmare for the company or business in question. However, this is not rocket science and you should be fine if you follow some crucial tips and parameters in this context. You have to get an idea of the approximate budget you have and the kind of overheads that an agency might have to deal with in case they take up a full fledged campaign. Details like these are essential before choosing a service provider as they help you evaluate people much better. Talk to industry experts and advisors in this regard before getting down to meetings and pitches.

Be it an outdoor advertising India agency or a full service one, you should have a clear picture of the kind of company that you want and your desired portfolio of services. This will help you separate the grain from the chaff at the very outset. You should go by all available reviews and other necessary information before making your final choice. Learn about the background and client history of the agency in question. Always look for quality administration, good management, experienced professionals and responsiveness in responding to all your requests or instructions. Do not simply ask for samples of any creative work for a potential product or brand from your stable; instead, after you’ve filtered down the potential hire, give the agency a set of business and marketing problems that your company may face and ask them to list out solutions and strategies to meet the same through presentations. This will automatically give you an insight into the business brain and competence of the agency.

Always look for the entire service spectrum and staff strength of the agency. A proper full service agency should have all bases covered including creative, design, media buying, digital, outdoor and branding. Additionally, you should look for insights into the real core of the agency through its client campaigns, testimonials, vibe, expertise in handling complex projects and so on. Also, you should definitely see how they align the best possible creative campaign solutions for you within your projected budget. Rego Advertising is one agency which meets all these requirements with its focus on branding, research, insights, creative solutions and full service satisfaction. This agency is well worth a shot in this regard.

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Why you should go for a full service ad agency?

Wondering about why you should opt for a full service ad agency? You should first understand what a full service agency does for you. Negotiating the choppy waters of marketing, branding and advertising can often be tough and confusing for most companies, brands and business owners. Full service outfits offer services and solutions that take care of every aspect of the process, leaving you free to focus on expanding your business instead of hiring different vendors and agencies for multiple functions and operations. You can simply concentrate on growing your baby without having to worry about managing different aspects of branding, marketing, planning and so on.

Any good media agency in Mumbai will give you a good marketing and advertising plan that is tailored towards promoting your product or service along with your brand identity. Agencies develop plans based on business objectives, interests, budgets and brand perceptions. Campaigns are developed on the basis of company requirements and all other parameters with a view towards hooking and engaging customer attention and fostering their participation in purchasing products or services. Full service agencies also offer other services like printing, copy writing and graphic design. All full service agencies have their own in-house or contracted copywriters and graphic designers in addition to their own printing partners. These are key elements of the entire campaign and a full service agency handles all of this for you with elan.

Media buying and planning is another vital element that is taken care of by full service agencies. This includes all newspaper, magazine, television and radio advertisements in addition to other sponsored programmes and broadcasts along with specific shows and other placements. A full service agency will have knowledge of pricing, expected results, scheduling and so on. These agencies pick up the best spots for clients and tap them to their advantage in order to secure the best possible ROI (returns on investments) from the same. These agencies take care of one of the biggest problems that most DIY business owners face!

Digital marketing and web campaigns are also taken care of by the advertising agency in question, giving you considerable peace of mind in this space as well. Most full service agencies take care of website design, logo design, publishing, page traffic reports, SEO, optimization, web marketing, promotional activities, social media optimization, template making and many other such activities. Some agencies also take care of your website content and other material for you which is a big boon indeed! Rego Advertising is a potent full service player in this regard and caters primarily to all possible segments of the entire branding and communications spectrum including copy, design, media planning, buying, positioning, branding, insights, research, digital and more!

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