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On The Go way to Advertising

You are going somewhere out of your house and wait at the rickshaw stand or bus stand. Now, you are assured to come across some hoarding, banner or billboard promoting some product or service offering. It always happens right? This is the way the Outdoor Advertising in India works. You are always targeted by these attractive pieces of advertisement which are definite eye catchers. This is the talent of the Design Studios in India.

Mumbai being a metro city, is full of people who are always in a rush. You just can never see the city sleep for even a couple of minutes. If so is the case, then why not keep the advertising also awake and available for people every time. This can be surely done through the mode of Outdoor advertising. Also, the design studios make this possible at every minute around the clock. They target the locations that may have the maximum visitors as per the target customers of the brand or product they are promoting. This location also plays a big role in outdoor advertising. Also, this brilliant idea of using public transport for marketing has no challenge as this keeps moving all over the city daily and there is no better way to come in people’s vision easily.

Billboards are also great options where the design studios these days try and create a collage of the brand name, logo, product details and its promotion pictures which are compiled in a way that they surely catch the eyes of every passer by and appeal to the target customers. Also, they are easily visible and cannot be missed. This being costly is opted by big business companies and especially is beneficial for their new products and new range of collection. And in this case, a billboard is surely an eye catcher.

As per today’s trend, the potential customers surely catch up with the advertisements. Also, buses and rickshaws have advertisements on them. This is also an effective mode of Outdoor advertising. Even the big IT players today are using this method for promotions in order to reach all; and when it is Mumbai, it is just the right and assured way of getting the intention satisfied.

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Billboard Clusters: A Changing Trend in Advertising

We live in a society where we are surrounded with advertisements everywhere we go. Just as we wake up, we pick up newspapers for reading and a bright, colorful column of some product being advertised appears. When we move out to go to our workplace, we see large hoardings accompanying us on our way, and finally when we reach the office, social networking sites pop up with various advertisements urging us to avail services of one company or another. Not just this, all through the day we receive messages on our mobile phones displaying various services of our banks or schemes of our sim card company. With this ever increasing advertising, Indian advertising agencies are adopting new and creative ways to advertise the products of their clients.

One such advertising trend that has witnessed an escalation in recent years is Billboard Cluster Advertising. No news, in a city life every person is bound to step out of the closed walls of one’s house innumerable times a day whether to go to office, to buy grocery, to shop at malls, to eat at a restaurant or to simply jog at the beach or park. Bound to spend more time outside than inside the house, outdoor advertising in India has experienced a change. The number of billboards seen earlier neatly positioned beside the heavy traffic roads have increased. Their style and technique have also witnessed a transformation. When earlier one could notice a few hoardings besides a sidewalk, now at every traffic signal one can easily spot a huge hoarding creatively some product.

Design studios in India design these billboards in different methods. Today, not just one 40X40 board is used to display the services of a company but the designing studios aim at clustering two or three hoardings to create a more appealing look. One that depicts text and brand message and the other an attractive image, the billboards clusters call for maximum attention.

Furthermore, the billboard clusters prove to be an efficient advertising tool for brand advertising and image building. They are highly preferable for those companies whose services are provided for a long term, while those with short term campaigns should seek some options as billboards are set for a long duration of time. This is the reason they are garnering popularity among top notch brands for it helps in impacting the audience flawlessly as one crosses the same path every day and the image and brand is sure to be caught by the minds of an onlooker.

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Advertising Trends in Mumbai

Nowadays, we are watching so many advertisements, wherever we go right from the pan shop to departmental stores, railway stations, bus depot, on pillars, on walls etc.

The new forms of advertising are wall paintings, electric board, neon sign board, acrylic board, sandwich board, florescent lights and lots more. But all these methods consume lot of electricity.

These electric boards create a startling impact on people, they can be placed at high traffic areas, the various sizes, shapes and illumination and to grab more attention of people there are certain 3-dimensional effects in these boards.

A lot of creativity can be used on these boards and they provide visibility from a distance. They appear 24 hours a day without fail with the help of light and vinyl colours. They can be used as directional like pointing out the locations. It’s a good way to remind the audience about the product which is being advertised. Ad agencies in Mumbai hardly fail to create a stir.

Disadvantages: It demands that the message should be brief and simple, so it’s relatively difficult to communicate about the product details. The construction of new boards is restricted by cost, space availability and certain codes of municipality and regulations of environments act. The fragmented nature of ownership of these media makes it difficult for the advertisers. Obstruction by streetlamps, trees, branches which makes it of no use. Sometimes it may lead to wastage of resources and adversely affect the beauty of this city. Even illegal boards create loss of revenues to the respective government.

The media agencies in Mumbai are trying hard to deliver rich advertisements in form of videos, apps based adverts on mobile devices, social media adverts which not only make the environment cleaner and healthier but also reaches straight to the user’s lap and pockets.

In this new tech savvy world, viral videos have also become a great way of advertising, these videos serves as a promotional vehicle which helps in replacing the conventional ways of advertising. People nowadays spends a very less time in reading newspapers and listening to radio, as the newer ways of advertising like videos, social media ads and mobile based ads are readily available to the users and can generate more earnings for companies.

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Mobile Ads – The Next Generation of Advertisement

In a metro city like Mumbai, life is so busy that people couldn’t find time to read or listen to the advertisements being published in the newspapers or being broadcasted on the radios. How the ad agencies in Mumbai manage to make the emerging markets outshine the developed markets via advertisement?

The answer is plain and simple. As in a country like India, where there are millions of mobile subscribers, it is somewhat easier to reach them via mobile based advertisements. This not only helps the media agencies in Mumbai to reach the normal being in promoting their products but also, helps the normal population to get knowledge about the products being advertised.

Consumers are nowadays more tech savvy, so the basic motive of an ad agency is to target this particular population who uses smartphones and tablets via apps. The strategy can be in form of paying rewards or targeting people on the basis of their likes and dislikes. These apps can be developed by keeping in mind, the needs of a common man. E commerce players have been targeting the normal population by the means of paid adverts, apps based adverts, video advertisements and reward formats.

For those who don’t carry a smartphone with them, these ad agencies can target such populations via advertisement phone calls or text messages. But nowadays these two types are not that much successful. Mobile ads is growing way too faster than all other forms of advertising in India, as advertisers have started investing a lot money to catch the eyes of users.

It has been found that in-app mobile ads have found to be better than mobile web ads. This is because of the reason that nowadays technology has been so advanced that there is availability of apps which can be modified according to the likes and dislikes of the target population. Along with the in-app based ads, API’s have been integrated such that they provide rich notifications via widgets in iPhone and android phones. In android and iOS based wearable like smart watches, such pattern of advertisement can be followed and is actually found to be much successful.

Conventional forms of advertisement should not be the first choice of ads, so in the tech savvy era, ad agencies have to adapt more sophisticated mobile ad campaigns.

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How Social Media Advertising Can Improve Your Revenues

As you might be aware that social media is becoming increasingly popular across the globe. Social media not just connects people but allows them to build a bond digitally. Social media has successfully eliminated geographical distances and made the world a smaller place. People can share, comment and like each others pictures, videos and posts and stay connected all the time. With the advent of Smartphones and Android phones, social media has gone mobile. Now people can access these social media sites anywhere and everywhere, without having access to a desktop or laptop.

This huge penetration of social media has led ad agencies in Mumbai to create social media advertisements. The popularity of social media among the Indian masses has led to ad agencies using these platforms for brand promotion. There are several advantages of using social media for advertising. Social media allows you to get a bigger audience for your promotional campaigns as compared to the traditional media.

When you advertise in a newspaper or a television channel, there is a limitation to how much you can measure the success of your campaign. Social media allows you direct interaction with your target audience. Several companies set up fan pages for their users wherein they can directly interact with their customers, gather feedback and address grievances. It also serves as a measurable database of customers that can be approached to quantify the impact of an advertisement.

One of the major advantages of social media advertising is that it is much more affordable than advertising in traditional media. The air time costs of a television channel or the space costs in a leading newspaper can incur huge expenditure and can eat into most of your advertising budget. Social media on the other hand has greater and instantaneous reach and will cost you much lesser. So, if you are a small company that cannot frequent advertising in traditional media, social media advertising can be your game changer.


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Advertising Communication

How Does Advertising Facilitate Communication

Besides operations and customer service, every company needs to focus on the communication channels it opens up with its consumer base to ensure success in its business. Communication is integral for success of a business entity. Communication can be undertaken by way of published paid content or by cleverly designed advertisements. Till a few years ago, advertising had a very straightforward approach and the focus was mainly on promotion rather than on the communication.

Today, the approach is focused mainly on the messaging. Messaging is extremely important as it communicates more than just the details of the product that is being promoted. Nowadays, ad agencies in Mumbai are focusing on the message that is communicated to the target audience and designing advertisements that are more effective. You will notice that these days advertisements touch on social issues and make their advertisements more communicative. The common man can relate to these advertisements because of the messaging that has been adopted.

These days companies hire advertising agencies in India which help them in creating such advertisements. Such advertisements not only help in promoting the brand and the product, but also facilitate a better brand recall value among their consumers. The brand reputation is increased when an advertisement showcases the values and principles that the company believes in. Today, advertisements have become a way in which the company expresses its pledge to contribute to the society, thus instilling brand loyalty among their consumers.

If you are a business owner and want to showcase your company and products in a unique light before your customers, you can seek help from the leading advertisement agencies in India. On surfing the Internet, you will come across a large number of campaigns that different brands have undertaken to position their brand in a more consumer centric light. This helps them in not only retaining their existing customers but also getting more and more customers to like and buy their products.

Communication thus plays an important role in effective advertising. You will find several companies that offer excellent advertising services.

Advertising Communication


Online Advertising

How Online Advertising Can Boost Your Sales

Happy New Year 2016 To All Readers,
With the digital platform growing larger and larger by the day, more and more companies are turning to digital advertising. Although traditional advertising is still being used by business to promote their products, online advertising is gaining more precedence. This is because of the several advantages that online advertising offers. The digital world is growing day by day and reaching out to target audiences is much easier as compared to traditional advertising media.

If you are a business owner, here are a few reasons for you to consider online marketing for your brand. These pointers will tell you how beneficial online business can be in boosting your sales and enhancing your profits.

  1. More Affordable
    Advertising in the traditional media can be quite expensive. Especially running television commercials and print advertisements in leading dailies can eat into your budget. Online advertising is less expensive and much more affordable. Also, it gives you deeper penetration and a larger audience.
  1. Better conversion rates
    One of the major advantages that online advertising gives you is that of a better conversion rate. You can draw attention of more and more people through advertisement campaigns and measure the number of visitors you get on your websites.
  1. Quantifiable metrics
    Advertising in the traditional media does not allow you to measure the impact they have caused. However, on the digital platform the impact of your advertising campaign can be clearly measured. If you have the right creative agency in Mumbai by your side, you can make your digital advertising campaign a huge success and also measure the impact that it has caused.
  1. Direct engagement with consumers
    Your online advertisements allow you to engage directly with your consumers. You can collect their reactiosn and feedback through a social media profile. This allows you to measure the success of your campaign.

There are several creative advertising agencies in Mumbai that can help you design the perfect advertising campaign to influence your customer base in the right way.

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Communication Agencies in India

Communication Agencies Taking the Lead

India’s economy is developing at a rapid rate, thanks to our prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi who is constantly bringing “good days”. With the new deals signed with Russia, we can expect a tremendous growth in our technology as well as defense sector. A majority of our population consists of youths who are either working for MNCs or starting up their own business. A rise in economy means rise in the earning of citizens which will result in consumption and selling of more and more goods.

Communication Agencies are an essential part of a strong society. Let it be the election of our leaders or purchase of a new microwave oven, when people are well informed, they make the right decisions. Indian advertising agencies play a major role in our economy and our lives.

Small business start ups are on the rise and it is way easy to start a small business today. We have on-line platforms where we can sell our products ranging from a television set to a spoon, without having to spend thousands or lakhs in the process of setting up a store in the city. We can even buy domains on-line with the name of our choice and design it according to our needs. We can do it all ourselves or we can ask the professionals to do it.

Communication is a blend of art and science. The main motive of any advertising agency is to build a relationship between the brand and the customers. Communication agencies provide you with a variety of options of marketing your product to the maximum of the target audience. They use modern methods, marketing tools, innovative processes for developing the most effective communication plans and brand strategies.

If we are getting something for around 20 units cheaper than what the local store is offering, and to add icing to the cake, the product is delivered at our doorstep without any delivery charges. What can be better than this? All of us will leave the conventional way of shopping and take the cheaper online way.

Now these on-line platforms, where a large number of people are connected to each other, are providing new means for those who only dreamt of starting their own small businesses a few years ago. Communication agency has turned our lives around and everything is available at the tip of our fingers. There are plenty of agencies that offer advertising options on platforms that are flooded with users from all around the world. One can take their business to an international level at the small price of internet bill and a little more efforts on communication agencies. These agencies cater to all of your on-line selling queries. Communications agencies have a lot to offer when working with clients on social media. These agencies bring to use their special knowledge of creating strategy, internal education, and organizational social media development. They offer web/digital designing, media buying, content development etc.

Being based on the communication industry, the amount you spend on advertising through a communication agency is literally a small price to pay. The communication agency is a promising field that has revolutionized the age of advertising.

Communication Agency in India