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Choosing the right Indian advertising agency for your campaign

You will be spoilt for choice on paper, if you are seeking an Indian advertising agency that gives you the best bang for your buck. Choosing the right agency often seems like a nightmare for the company or business in question. However, this is not rocket science and you should be fine if you follow some crucial tips and parameters in this context. You have to get an idea of the approximate budget you have and the kind of overheads that an agency might have to deal with in case they take up a full fledged campaign. Details like these are essential before choosing a service provider as they help you evaluate people much better. Talk to industry experts and advisors in this regard before getting down to meetings and pitches.

Be it an outdoor advertising India agency or a full service one, you should have a clear picture of the kind of company that you want and your desired portfolio of services. This will help you separate the grain from the chaff at the very outset. You should go by all available reviews and other necessary information before making your final choice. Learn about the background and client history of the agency in question. Always look for quality administration, good management, experienced professionals and responsiveness in responding to all your requests or instructions. Do not simply ask for samples of any creative work for a potential product or brand from your stable; instead, after you’ve filtered down the potential hire, give the agency a set of business and marketing problems that your company may face and ask them to list out solutions and strategies to meet the same through presentations. This will automatically give you an insight into the business brain and competence of the agency.

Always look for the entire service spectrum and staff strength of the agency. A proper full service agency should have all bases covered including creative, design, media buying, digital, outdoor and branding. Additionally, you should look for insights into the real core of the agency through its client campaigns, testimonials, vibe, expertise in handling complex projects and so on. Also, you should definitely see how they align the best possible creative campaign solutions for you within your projected budget. Rego Advertising is one agency which meets all these requirements with its focus on branding, research, insights, creative solutions and full service satisfaction. This agency is well worth a shot in this regard.

Indian ad agencies

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