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Your media agency in India and media buying

There are numerous advertising and design studios in India that offer branding, marketing and promotional solutions to their clients. However, media buying and planning are vital cogs in the wheel that ensure that clients reach out to a larger client base, thereby enabling larger marketing of their products in turn. Media buying is an intricate affair and many agencies and managers often get it horribly wrong with their fanaticism and obsessions relating to payments for media spots. Cheap media is mostly a two edged sword; while it may save you money, it may also lead to almost no results on account of limited audiences and non viability.

Your media agency in India should definitely specialize in top class media buying and planning above all else. The fact remains that any agency can purchase media spots for good prices. Advertisers rarely purchase above market rates other than companies which have inadequate purchase processes. The agencies need to have proper systems and processes activated in order to ensure that they are purchasing the right spots for their clients and garnering them greater visibility in line with their budgets. The right media strategy is very important in today’s times, particularly with the rise and advent of digital media platforms and the multi-channel approach options this has opened up to agencies. Traditional agencies are also taking the digital OOH and interactive route and embracing social media more actively.

The problem lies in the fact that multiple advertisers and their media buyers and planners usually operate within restricted and limiting paradigms that lean more towards traditional channels. Focusing on cost leads to overlooking strategy in planning and buying. Media selection tends to get neglected in these cases as a result.Your agency should have a proper benchmarking system in order to select the right and most suitable channels for you. If you get a cheap channel with limited results, that is not really the right strategy to develop your brand in a competitive mass market in India.

If you’re looking for a seasoned advertising agency capable of handling the ropes in terms of media buying and planning, you can think of Rego Advertising which deals in media buying and planning along with other service offerings. Rego has a research based approach towards media buying and offers supreme returns, visibility and audience access to its clients.

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Design Studios in India

On The Go way to Advertising

You are going somewhere out of your house and wait at the rickshaw stand or bus stand. Now, you are assured to come across some hoarding, banner or billboard promoting some product or service offering. It always happens right? This is the way the Outdoor Advertising in India works. You are always targeted by these attractive pieces of advertisement which are definite eye catchers. This is the talent of the Design Studios in India.

Mumbai being a metro city, is full of people who are always in a rush. You just can never see the city sleep for even a couple of minutes. If so is the case, then why not keep the advertising also awake and available for people every time. This can be surely done through the mode of Outdoor advertising. Also, the design studios make this possible at every minute around the clock. They target the locations that may have the maximum visitors as per the target customers of the brand or product they are promoting. This location also plays a big role in outdoor advertising. Also, this brilliant idea of using public transport for marketing has no challenge as this keeps moving all over the city daily and there is no better way to come in people’s vision easily.

Billboards are also great options where the design studios these days try and create a collage of the brand name, logo, product details and its promotion pictures which are compiled in a way that they surely catch the eyes of every passer by and appeal to the target customers. Also, they are easily visible and cannot be missed. This being costly is opted by big business companies and especially is beneficial for their new products and new range of collection. And in this case, a billboard is surely an eye catcher.

As per today’s trend, the potential customers surely catch up with the advertisements. Also, buses and rickshaws have advertisements on them. This is also an effective mode of Outdoor advertising. Even the big IT players today are using this method for promotions in order to reach all; and when it is Mumbai, it is just the right and assured way of getting the intention satisfied.

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Go with the world with Advertising

In India, there are many new startups as well as established firms and with multiple products. These products have to reach the target group of people and to start with, at least they should be aware of it. This is where our Indian Advertising agencies play a major and very crucial role. These Advertising agencies in India are very strong modes of helping businesses flourish and grow. So when we say that Mumbai and also the world is growing so fast, the reason is certainly this magic of advertising.

There are various interesting and novel ideas used by the Indian Advertising agencies to attract people and the target audience. And have you noticed, it starts with the very first thing in morning; through newspapers. There are many colorful and attractive advertisements; in fact, a complete page is especially dedicated to it. We also come across many such leaflets in our newspapers. Then we move out of the house and not a single place in Mumbai is there without hoardings or marketing of any product. Then we reach our office and there are so many ad pop ups. There again is this rigorous and trending advertising.

The advertising agencies in India have rightly caught this nerve and we are actually known globally now and also our own manufactured products have their unique identity. Also Indian advertising agencies have created a very comfortable bond with the clients, which helps in getting maximum benefit and profits through the right way of endorsing the client products. By right way, I mean that if the product is good but not marketed correctly, it will not reach the right customer segment and certainly will be in loss or low profit. Hence, choosing the perfect way and mode of advertising is very important and this job is done brilliantly by our Indian Advertising agencies.

There is also great competition in the advertising field in India and especially in metro cities like Mumbai. This is where the maximum target audience can be reached. And this being a great and emerging career option with a good chunk of profit, many people in marketing area are getting into advertising. They also create a strong compassionate connection with the people and attract them rightly.

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The new Mumbai with Advertising

When advertising is changing the world around, how can it leave our very own city of Mumbai, the most populous, the richest and certainly the extremely talented hub existing in the all of Asia?

Mumbai is a city that beholds the rich culture of colonial India while it smartly keeps at an equal pace with the changing trends of the world. Conspicuously talented, this Bollywood city is emerging with a new face that creatively balances between the old world charm of the city and the new tech savvy society. Billboards, social media advertisements, creative videos, innovative digital hoardings, wall paintings, prints ads, internet marketing etc., are transforming the city into a way we know it now.

Capitalization of goods and marketing of products has brought a new culture to the society. Creative advertising agencies and communication agencies have helped Mumbai emerge as one of the biggest market in the whole wide world. Corporate houses from all around the country as well as globe embark here to expand their business and create a unique own identity. With advertising at its rise, Bombay is providing new opportunities to every citizen of India to migrate in the city and start over with a glamorous life.

Mumbai in its ever growing advertisements, make the rich city richer and brings various foreign companies to the landscape that make huge investments and take theirs as well as the city’s success rate higher. Many start-up companies as well as established ones too are now acknowledging the potential of endorsing their schemes and products in the market of this metro city and are thus, fortifying money culture of the Bollywood hub. Youngsters are contributing with their talent and are discovering new ideas with rising technology to give a new dimension to the art of living in Mumbai.

Knowing the potential, many advertising agencies are opening up on the land. These communication and advertising agencies find out creative ways to establish the brand identity for high popularity. People are becoming more and more brand oriented and are living a high-standard life because of these advertisements that constantly move with them wherever they go. Thus, the emergence of a plethora of advertising agencies has not only triggered huge investments by various companies in Mumbai but has also helped in increasing the standard of living.

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What every agency must possess in order to attract big clients

What every agency must possess in order to attract big clients

Every agency must possess particular attitudes and skills for drawing big business by way of campaigns and projects. Some of these attributes include project management skills, proper goal oriented focus and multi-domain expertise. These attributes are covered extensively below:

Agencies should always possess sound project management skills:
Good project management skills always impress clients exceedingly. Expertise in this area is highly coveted when big ticket companies look for an advertising agency. Sometimes, agencies only concentrate on the design and creative aspects of the job. Companies are left with only an attractive creative template which is a raw deal in itself as execution and implementation aspects remain sorely missing. A clear message and philosophy should be working behind each and every activity of an advertising agency. Agencies should be able to work in collaboration with their clients on a regular basis and delve deep into company vision, mission, objectives and goals while working on campaigns.

The agency should have excellent communication skills and a seasoned team taking care of projects. Client handling is a skill which goes a long way towards keeping relationships fruitful and productive at all times. An agency should be able to draw up a specific timeline with regard to project delivery and the resources required for the same. Campaign management and coordination with the parent company require experienced professionals with a tireless commitment towards success of the same.

Agencies should focus on results that are measurable:
Advertising agencies should endeavor to provide proper benchmarks, metrics, figures, analytics, statistics and objectives with regard to the results of their campaigns and the responses to the same. A proper agency partner will always look to measure and quantify each step in the brand building process.

This helps both companies and agencies stay on track with regard to chalking out the best course of action at all junctures of the project in question. Big ticket clients always look for proper statistics and objectives underlined in reference to the same. Vague representations of targets and results will drive companies away from any agency. This is something that agencies must inculcate into their professional methodologies to earn big business.

Agencies should possess thorough understanding of multiple media platforms:
All good agencies should be able to delineate the expectations and strategies for each separate domain. There should be in-house team leaders and experts for each division, namely television, radio, magazines, newspapers, the Internet and hoardings or billboards.

What every agency must possess in order to attract big clients


Importance of online promotion for your business

Importance of online promotion for your business
Promoting one’s business is one of the main aspects of increasing revenue and volume of sales. Large companies invest a lot of money in the promotion of their brands and products through media such as television, print ad campaigns, radio announcements and online methods. Of all the mass media available today, online promotions seem to be most effective as practically everybody in the age bracket of 6 to 60 accesses the internet today. Moreover, there are various methods through which promotions for a particular product can be done.

If you have a business and are thinking of signing up for a promotion campaign online, don’t hesitate to do so. There are a number of media of promotion that you can capture if you choose to promote your products on the internet. For example, you can capture the attention of people through vlogs and video clippings published on YouTube; grab the opportunity of word of mouth by putting up lucrative deals and products on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and much more. Analysts estimate that more than Facebook and Twitter, the medium of promotion in the coming 2-3 years would be Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest. Blogging is also a good way of promoting one’s own products by showcasing their features the way you want your audience to perceive your brand.

You can also optimize your website with search engine optimization techniques through the introduction of keywords and meaningful articles which would attract the attention of people to your field. Many companies publish articles, video seminars and whitepapers online in order to generate interest among people. Promoting your business online would prove to be more effective than signing up for a radio or television campaign. A lot of people have given up listening to the radio or watching television but they have not given up on surfing the internet.

You can always offload the job of promoting your products online to a professional ad agency that would know exactly how to brand your products. The highlights of your goods along with the aspects that are most people friendly would be put forth through ad campaigns released by professional agencies. It would bring in results faster than you doing the promotion all by yourself.

Importance of online promotion for your business

How to go about building your brand?

Brand Agency in Mumbai

Among thousands of products and services available in your domain, standing out may be a daunting task. Getting your own band of loyal followers may not only take time but also a lot of effort. It is no wonder that companies spend thousands of dollars in promoting their brands from time to time and maintaining their public image. The goodwill of a company is very important in bringing in new customers and also retaining the old ones. For example, whenever an Apple product is launched in the market, there is a mad dash to pre-book the item. This has been possible solely because of the brand image that Apple has built for itself.

Building a brand image depends a lot on understanding your customer and audience. Developing a product that a large number of people would require and identify with is the biggest challenge in brand building. Once you have overcome that hurdle, you need to come up with the features or points that would appear most salient to a potential customer. Bringing forth those salient features is a part of brand building. After promoting your products extensively in the market, you need to work towards retaining your customers by offering good aftersales support and service. From time to time, you need to gather feedback from your customers about what they feel about your product, what they think should be introduced or eliminated from your product or what more should you do in order to retain your customers. You would have to then alter and rework your goods according to public consensus.

Therefore, brand building is not only about advertising your products but also building a relationship that would last a lifetime. Having faith in your own goods is the biggest part of selling them. If you seem unsure of your products or services, then your consumers would take the hint and stay away from your products. Be sure of what you are offering and convince people about it. In reaching out to people, promotions would play a key role. Handing over the job of promoting your products to a professional advertising agency would do you a lot of good as they would know exactly how to package your product in order to make it look appealing to a large number of people.

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