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How schools could use Social Media?


How could schools use social media

How could schools use social media

Social media over the years has changed the way people use internet. With social media people’s interaction with one another has increased which has led to people visiting these sites more often. Though most people see social media as a place to hangout it can also be used as a productive tool. And schools are a place that will benefit from its use. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest, etc. can be used to increase the interaction between teachers, students and parents. It can also keep the parents in the loop about what their children do in school.

Here is how social media can be used in classrooms:


By creating a Facebook page for the classroom, the teachers can post homework and assignments which can be seen by the students and their parents. This way, even the parents will be aware of what’s going on in the class. The teachers can also share stories, post reminders and any changes in the lesson on Facebook.


Students can post their class work/projects on Pinterest for the teachers and parents to see. This can let students to see what their peers have done and get tips on how to improve their project.


Students can do quizzes on Twitter. For e.g. teachers can give students quiz questions and ask them to tweet their answers. The teacher can display the answers on the screen in real time. The teachers can also ask their students to give a lesson recap on twitter using 140 or less characters.


Blogging is a great way to encourage students to improve their writing skills. Teachers can give out writing assignments to students in blogger. There can also be an essay writing competition between students of different class at Blogger and the best essay can be published in the school’s own private blog. With this the students will feel motivated and start their own blog which can be monitored and guided by the teachers.


Some rare Internet applications you haven’t seen


There are several fantastic internet applications that you will not have experienced or used and many of these also contribute towards improving productivity hugely as well. The first among these is Zamzar, a marvelous application that helps you combat all possible document or file incompatibility problem. Many a time, we face problems when Windows Media Player does not quite read videos in 3gp formats. This might be true for files in incompatible formats as well. Clients may well send files in formats that are incompatible with your present system. This helpful application comes in handy at these times by converting documents, images and videos to a different format minus the need to download and install any other software program. This internet application is definitely be a must have for any media organization or companies in other fields as well.

Haven’t you felt frustrated at not receiving crucial replies from associates and clients when you’ve emailed them on something urgent? Have you been worried whether they’ve even received your email or not? You can simply make use of another potent internet application called Spypig which tracks emails and sends you notifications as soon as your email is opened by the reader. This is functional for most web mail applications like Yahoo! and Gmail in addition to Thunderbird and Outlook. This will help you confirm the receipt of an email and you can accordingly put your mind at rest.

Sumo Paint is another rarely heard of internet application that helps you create new images entirely on your own and this makes it a better solution in comparison to conventional image editing applications like Picnik and Photoshop Express. Skydrive is another handy application which lets you store documents, files and photographs for free throughout an entire lifetime! 25 GB of storage is provided in this case and individual file size limits are fixed at 50 MB. There are several other internet applications like these that maximize productivity and are pretty cool to use as well! Advertising agencies like Rego Advertising always emphasize on using cool internet applications like these to stay ahead of the curve at work!