What every agency must possess in order to attract big clients

What every agency must possess in order to attract big clients

Every agency must possess particular attitudes and skills for drawing big business by way of campaigns and projects. Some of these attributes include project management skills, proper goal oriented focus and multi-domain expertise. These attributes are covered extensively below:

Agencies should always possess sound project management skills:
Good project management skills always impress clients exceedingly. Expertise in this area is highly coveted when big ticket companies look for an advertising agency. Sometimes, agencies only concentrate on the design and creative aspects of the job. Companies are left with only an attractive creative template which is a raw deal in itself as execution and implementation aspects remain sorely missing. A clear message and philosophy should be working behind each and every activity of an advertising agency. Agencies should be able to work in collaboration with their clients on a regular basis and delve deep into company vision, mission, objectives and goals while working on campaigns.

The agency should have excellent communication skills and a seasoned team taking care of projects. Client handling is a skill which goes a long way towards keeping relationships fruitful and productive at all times. An agency should be able to draw up a specific timeline with regard to project delivery and the resources required for the same. Campaign management and coordination with the parent company require experienced professionals with a tireless commitment towards success of the same.

Agencies should focus on results that are measurable:
Advertising agencies should endeavor to provide proper benchmarks, metrics, figures, analytics, statistics and objectives with regard to the results of their campaigns and the responses to the same. A proper agency partner will always look to measure and quantify each step in the brand building process.

This helps both companies and agencies stay on track with regard to chalking out the best course of action at all junctures of the project in question. Big ticket clients always look for proper statistics and objectives underlined in reference to the same. Vague representations of targets and results will drive companies away from any agency. This is something that agencies must inculcate into their professional methodologies to earn big business.

Agencies should possess thorough understanding of multiple media platforms:
All good agencies should be able to delineate the expectations and strategies for each separate domain. There should be in-house team leaders and experts for each division, namely television, radio, magazines, newspapers, the Internet and hoardings or billboards.

What every agency must possess in order to attract big clients


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