Sleek wanted a good Brand Communication strategy with a Brand Positioning and a nationwide Media Plan. The Rego team put on their thinking caps and came up with a winning strategy along with a media solution that helped Sleek emerge as the No. 1 modular kitchen brand in India.

The whole brand process started with a thorough understanding of the market and consumer. Rego Advertising, a creative ad agency in Mumbai with the help of client inputs and Rego’s in-house brand research team, began its study. Along with internet and market resources, the Rego, brand agency in Mumbai also conducted brand-consumer interfaces by taking potential consumers to the Sleek showroom, and studying their responses towards the brand.

The modular kitchen market was growing at a snail’s pace as people had a more ‘dependable’ option in the carpenter. Even after visiting the showroom and discussion with the Sleek design team, the price-conscious consumer would, in the end, choose the carpenter as it gave her an assurance of quality and cost her much less than a branded kitchen.

Though slowly, the trend was changing. Economy was looking good. With increased spending power, the middle class and higher middle class began to aspire for better lifestyles. The globe-trotting Indian consumer was now aware of designer kitchens and wanted one for his home. The time was right for Sleek to strike big time. A good scenario was the non-existence of a clear leader in the modular kitchen industry. The place at the top was empty.

Key Consumer Insights

  • Consumers want information and understanding of modular kitchens.
  • They want a brand that they can depend on for quality and durability.
  • They want a brand that has those classy European style kitchens, without costing as much.

Rego, Advertising Agency in Mumbai believes a clear Brand Positioning always helps a brand to establish and distinguish itself from its competitor, and occupy a place in the consumer’s mind.

The Rego Creative Team derived a Brand Positioning that cut through all the challenges the brand was facing when it came to consumer confidence. It was the Big Idea that was soon going to change the fortunes of Sleek, cut through their competition, and put them in a leadership position in the market.

To push the positioning of ‘The Kitchen Specialist’, we roped in India’s cooking specialist, the master chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The idea that ‘A Specialist like Sanjeev Kapoor endorses the Kitchen Specialist – Sleek’ was a proposition that appealed to the client.

Sanjeev Kapoor became Sleek’s Brand Ambassador, and he drove home the point of Sleek being a ‘Kitchen Specialist’

The next brand campaign with Sanjeev Kapoor in a Sleek Kitchen, talking in a most matter-of-fact way about what makes Sleek a Kitchen Specialist, was an extremely believable campaign that won the trust of the consumer, and the praise from even the competition.

The popularity and recognition of Sanjeev Kapoor gave the brand an immense boost. People turned and looked at the ad, and nodded in acknowledgement.



  1. Pritam Sahoo

    The insight given is good about the company and its positioning strategy the timeline should be mentioned to have clear view of growth of brand. if the strategy details about acquisition by Asian paints will be given to strengthen the brand “Sleek-The kitchen specialist” it would be good.


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