Media Topics That Need More Coverage



These days the media channels are flooded with news that isn’t relevant to the things happening around us. Many important topics are ignored by them, which results in it being ignored by us. Their practice of broadcasting news topics that seems sensational by giving it more coverage is pretty common nowadays. They know which stories sell more and which doesn’t because of the reaction of the people. It doesn’t help the fact that majority of the people on social media oppose their version of news and want to know what’s actually happening around them.

With that in mind, here is a list of topics that needs  more coverage from the media, instead of their usual off topic news broadcasts:

  1. Terrorism


Terrorism had existed in the past and is still present in many countries. While our media reacts strongly to the prosecution of the terrorists almost making them into some kind of hero. What they don’t report or question is the time taken by the government to capture and pronounce the terrorists guilty despite knowing them to be so.

  1. Farmer Suicide


Farmer Suicide is something that’s been around for a long time. While some people work hard to ensure that these farmers aren’t affected, the media doesn’t report until some known person or celebrity does something for their cause.

  1. Drought


Drought is the worst thing that can happen anywhere and for quite a long period of time the drought situation in Maharashtra has been ignored by the media. It wasn’t until the government decided to do something about this that they reported the situation to the public in the papers and news channels.

  1. Border Disputes


While our troops engage almost daily with the firings from the other side of the border, unless something disastrous happens, the people have no knowledge of it. This is a major and a sensitive issue as we might not know what if tomorrow we are invaded by militants from the neighbouring countries.

  1. Corruption / Scams


For a short period of time corruption / scams are reported by the media in honesty and leads to the point till they catch the culprit. After that the whole thing vanishes, from the papers to the news channels. It does resurfaces sometime later but by that time the public has forgotten what the whole thing was about.

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