What Will Advertising Be Like In 100 Years?

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Advertising is an industry that has evolved with the times. It started with a single piece of paper that soon transformed into a billboard, then radio, and then television until finally it made its presence in the digital world. This makes one wonder what advertising is going to be like in a hundred years.

Obviously, technology is going to play a bigger part. Along with the digital medium that is growing at a rapid pace. But the biggest change will be in the traditional medium like print, radio and television. Traditional advertising will give way to more unconventional and innovative methods.

Here’s what the future holds for the advertising industry in 100 years:


With the rise of people using tablets and smart phones to access the news and read magazines, print ads won’t be around that much. Instead they will be present in the e-zines or e-papers.


Radio is perhaps the oldest form of advertising that is still relevant today. Nowadays with the whole world being on the internet even radio stations have made their presence online. Whether this affects the way advertising is done in radio is yet to be seen.


When television advertising started some sixty years ago, it changed the way people advertised their products. It was seen as a revolutionary medium then, and now with video streaming sites online, it isn’t as effective as it was. In the future too, instead of television, the ads will be shown in video streaming sites just like the ones seen in streaming site like YouTube.


In the digital medium, which today although is still in its early years has started to make its impact felt. Today many brands advertise in the digital space instead of the traditional medium. In the future too, digital will have involved into something extraordinary and might replace traditional as the primary medium for advertising.

Even though its 100 years into the future, one thing that’s for sure, is that advertising will still exist as it does today. Whether it will be impactful or not is something to wonder about…

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