Could I Quit My Day Job?


Day jobs are something that everyone is expected to do once they have decided on their career path. Many adapt to it once they get the hang of things, but it doesn’t hold the same for everyone. There comes a point of time in our lives when we ask ourselves the question, ‘Is this what I am meant to do for the rest of my life?’, and that’s when some of us take the most important decision of our lives ever – quit our job.

Quitting a job is not an easy decision and some even reconsider, but before you quit do consider the following points:

  • Am I financially stable to look after myself even without a job?
  • Have I planned out what to do once I quit my job?
  • My decision to quit the job is final and I won’t back out.

Once you’ve quit your job you’ll ask yourself the next important question, ‘what next?’ Unless you haven’t figured it out, you don’t have to worry, because you’ve got plenty of time until you find something worth doing. Till then you can try out one of these things:



Visit places that you haven’t been to in a long while, if you don’t have a list of places that you want to visit, make one and check them off once you do.



If you love to write, then you can start your own blog and you can also make some money off of it. This way you’ll have a hobby that will also pay you.



Have some books that you want to read but didn’t have the time to? Well now is as good a time as any to start reading.



Did those years of work put you out of shape? Then you need to start exercising. It’s not necessary to hit the gym, some jogging and long walks work better than spending hours lifting weights.



Pick up an old hobby that you had quit or even better start a new one. You’d get to learn something new and you won’t get bored also.

In conclusion, the way I see it, quitting your day job to pursue your dream takes more than just an effort. But when you do achieve your goals after having quit your job is worth all the hard work and effort that you put towards it.


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