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Why are more advertising agencies taking to target based advertisements?

The Indian media industry has seen a sea of change within a decade. Ever since the internet was made available in almost every corner of the country, an Indian advertising agency has started prioritizing it over other forms of mass media such as television, radio and newspapers. The Internet not only allows you to launch cost-effective publicity campaigns but acts as a two way street. Both advertisers and targeted groups can communicate about goods and services. A communication agency launches a video blog (vlog), podcast, blog post or ad campaign on Twitter and Facebook which is viewed by internet users. These users can in turn provide feedback on the campaigns through comments, opinion polls, ratings and other channels.

Since internet advertising is a two way street advertisers have decided to adopt target advertising that can lead to substantial results in quicker time. Unlike mass media which targets an audience without knowing its tastes or preference, an Indian advertising agency working with the internet, profiles a user before bombarding him/her with ads. That way, the agency knows for sure that the person who is seeing the advertisement would be interested in buying the service or product sooner or later.

There are quite a few methods that an Indian advertising agency adopts to analyze the effectiveness of a particular campaign. It uses analytics tools to observe the time of logging in of a particular user, the pages visited or liked by the user on Facebook and the handles followed by him/her on Twitter along with the discussions she/he participates in. Using the information collected about a user group at a particular hour of the day, the products which would appeal most to them are advertised. For new users, a communication agency throws ads belonging to different genres at them to observe the response of the user. Based on the user’s actions, the communication agency displays further ads. Viral advertising is another surefire way of gathering user interest about a particular product. Ad campaigns pertaining to a particular brand of product or genre is shown to users once they visit a site of a similar nature.

This method of target based advertising is trending globally and the Indian advertising agency too has adopted it rather seamlessly.

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