Why research is the foundation of every campaign?

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Research is the food you feed your mind, so that it gets all the nutrients to energise you and perform the best. Product, market and consumer research constitute the daily diet of the team at Rego Advertising. Like every good Advertising agency in India, we survive and succeed on research. Like for example, it is through the unconventional consumer-client interface we conducted for Sleek Kitchens, that we uncovered some key insights that gave us our brand positioning for the modular kitchen brand. It is through research that we hit upon the value proposition for Ideal Education that gave it the unique positioning of ‘Evolved Learning.’ It is through the casual research we conducted for Apex Appliances that we stumbled upon the very apt tagline of ‘Mood bana de.’ This is one Brand Agency in Mumbai that firmly believes in doing its study before appearing for the test.

Traditionally, there are two types of research. One that is customised as per the client’s unique needs, and the other is a syndicated research, which means the research or survey conducted by a company and which can be bought by the client to design its advertising or communication. While a customised research is strictly confidential and available only to the client, syndicated research can be used by multiple brands to optimise their advertising.

Post advertising research is also conducted to gauge the effectiveness of the advertising campaign… increase in brand awareness, rise in inquiries and trials, etc. A more specialised research can also be conducted to ascertain the ad’s effectiveness based on consumer reactions, behavior and feedback. This follow-up also helps determine the next communication/advertising strategy.

Every successful brand agency in India knows the value of research and consumer surveys. It is even more important for a Media Solution Agency in India. A good media plan is always made on sound research. Rego Advertising Agency’s media team has put together winning media solutions for a number of successful campaigns, enabling the client to get a good ROI.

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