10 Myths about Present Generation


Today’s generation is the most misunderstood lot, having being raised with technology and comforts that didn’t exist some 20-30 years back. It sure has raised some jealousy and misconceptions about them by the older generations.

Let’s take a look at some of the myths about the present generation and bring out the facts related to them.

They lack patience


One of the myths about this generation is that they want everything right now and don’t like to wait for anything. In fact, today’s generation is an opportunistic lot who would rather jump at an opportunity than wait for one to come by.

They are constantly distracted by their devices

device distraction

With technology nowadays playing a bigger part in our lives, it comes as no surprise that today’s generation would be constantly on their smart phones or tabs. They actually make use of this technology for their benefit and it helps them be more productive too.

They don’t learn anymore


There’s another myth about today’s generation not being interested in reading. In reality, they get all their knowledge from various websites and blogs which are much easier than going through a bunch of books for reference.

They are lazy


A word to describe the present generation would be – lazy. This is not true as there are various hard working individuals who excel at their jobs.

They don’t respect authority or elders


Today’s generation has no respect for authority or elders, is a common phrase amongst many older people. However, the reality is that the present generation does respect leaders and people from whom they can learn a lot.

They lack work ethics


They don’t take their career seriously and don’t follow the rules is another thing that ticks off most employers. The truth is that they want things to be done on time and beyond a client’s expectations.

They are arrogant


If you have interacted with today’s generation and have been surprised by their attitude, it’s no wonder you might have termed them as an arrogant bunch. It’s actually their hunger to prove themselves, which is often mistaken as arrogance by the older generation.

They are not driven


Most people think that the present generation doesn’t like to work hard and want things to come to them easily. The fact is that they are driven, by certain things such as work that gives back to the community or the environment.

They are all the same


One of the biggest misconceptions is that today’s generation is the same. It’s true if you look at them as a group instead as individuals. And that’s what they all try to do, carve out an identity for them rather than just follow the herd.

They change jobs too frequently


They are constantly changing jobs and don’t stick to one place is perhaps one of the reason why employers are reluctant to hire them. The thing is, they all want to experience many things in life instead of learn things that are present in the industry.

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