Painting Mumbai Colorful with Advertisements

Painting Mumbai Colorful with Advertisements

Media is an unavoidable part of our lives. One can’t even avoid news about the most hated celebrity having their first child. Media is our primary, or rather, our only source of information. We are connected to the whole world through media. Just sitting in front of our television sets in the comfort of our beds, we get to know the updates from all around the world.

These days, media is not only used to relay information to the world, but it also gives us information and updates on various products and services that are available to us. Media is used to a large extent to communicate to customers and it is one of the primary sources from where potential sellers and buyers meet each other.

There are plenty of media agencies in India, and all of them provide various services, depending on the target audience and the means of communication available. If you dig in a little, you will be amazed by the numerous ways one can advertise your products or services.

Increase in number of people means increase in consumption of various commodities. Mumbai is full of people and advertisements. Even the smallest streets are full of billboards. One can find John players next to every bus stop. There are billboards, hoardings, posters, banners, handbills, sandwich boards, computerized boards, wall writings, wall paintings, sky writing etc peeping at distance of every meter. It is a common sight to see billboards and hoardings publicizing political parties all across the city during elections. Sometimes, there are even advertisements for advertising agencies. So much of them are there in 2013, BMC decided to make the city banner-free.

With huge number of potential customers and an advertisement for every eye to see, with so many potential customers, Mumbai has taken advertising to next level. People are buying more and more automobiles, branded clothes and footwear and visiting luxurious hotels, malls and restaurants. The quality of life is changing in Mumbai and so is the advertising scenario. We cannot notice the change until we somehow involved in business ourselves. Keeping up with the changing business trends is essential to stay strong in the market.

Outdoor marketing in a way is a part of print advertising agencies. Print ad agencies emphasize on the hard copy form of publicity and advertisement of services. Be it, the small pamphlets for Help Age India or huge bill boards for the New Year’s party at Hard Rock Café, everything is responsibility of printing ad agencies. Best print ad agencies provide creative designers who cater to the needs of different businesses and create designs appropriately. These agencies provide designing solutions for small paper ads as well as the 5 sqm. flex sheets. The ever increasing agencies are seemed to be hell bent to fill the city with banners and posters, with no free space to see anywhere.

Painting Mumbai Colorful


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