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Indian advertising and the changing consumer

Consumer behaviour has changed radically as a reactionary aspect to the entire concept of selling and consumerism at large. Advertising trends have changed and evolved quite naturally as a result. Word of mouth was the oldest followed and social media only takes the concept forward in a more efficient manner. Social media is largely representative of the changing consumer where interactive sessions are now routine for both companies and customers. Customers are increasingly being empowered with regard to their choices instead of being made to gulp down some of the choicest advertisements.

This increasing power of choice and consumer freedom augurs well for advertising agencies but also leaves them with little option but to keep reinventing themselves in the wake of certain radical changes in mindsets and consumer behaviour. The internet is fast becoming an advertising mecca, being cost effective and easily accessible. Target marketing is now coming in at the expense of large scale mass based promotional campaigns. Spending habits of customers can now be tracked and analyzed to come up with suitable campaigns along with analyzing their interests and purchase triggers.

The changing customer has come to be mapped with opinion polls, surveys, segmentation and other ratings. These marketing activities work on accuracy and precision alone and largely influence all advertising activity in any particular segment. Customer feedback is now of immense importance and is actually used by brands to come up with interactive advertising campaigns geared at merging the same with the brand message in question. The changing customer is no longer into spending extra time on advertisements whenever there is a choice or opportunity. Channel surfing or radio channel switching is a routine affair. Unwanted emails are discarded instantly while blocking telemarketers is an option many choose to take these days.

Yet, advertisements still have their own distinct flavour in the consumer mind space in spite of changing habits and the freedom of choice. Spending power has increased and the huge number of options available in every sector puts the onus on the advertising industry to favourably position particular products over their competitors in the minds of customers. Customer sensibilities are constantly evolving and agencies have to be on their toes continually with regard to meeting the same fruitfully. An example would be embedded advertisements neatly integrated into stories themselves which are considerably smaller and more attractive as compared to their lengthy and superfluous counterparts.

Advertising trends in India

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