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Billboards are making their presence felt in mainstream advertising

More and more advertising agencies are choosing to tell their brand stories through billboards which still have no equal when it comes to garnering consumer attention and eyeballs in equal measure! Take the case of the appropriate positioning of movie billboards near places where they were shot, especially those which talk of particular issues related to the areas in question. For top brands, these billboards are all about telling stories and communicating the brand message on a wider canvas to the masses.

As can be seen nowadays, advertisers are making use of big hoardings and billboards to create a commanding presence for products and brands. A whole new process and approach has been born out of the recent restrictions imposed by the Mumbai municipality with regard to conjoining billboards. Billboards have now been confined to specific sizes by the municipality and this rule is being tapped positively for better brand positioning by agencies. Many advertisers are choosing to tell a comprehensive brand story and deliver a message spread throughout two or three billboards placed adjacent to each other. Often, advertisers make use of multiple devices like text and visuals as foils on multiple billboards.

Many brands like Apex Home Appliances, Axe deodorants, Millionaire apparel, Birla Sun Life, Lakme, Poonam Soni’s jewellery brand and many others have made use of hoarding clusters to draw unlimited attention on streets and roadways crowded with billboards and hoardings. Advertisers usually prefer to create a particular hub across multiple hoardings at one particular area, ideally a place where traffic movement is slowed down to the maximum according to industry experts and professionals. Many agencies make use of split billboards nowadays as well where one half conveys the visual message and the other contains the necessary information for the customer.

Outdoor advertising revenues have been hit hard by the global economic depression but experts feel that the sector should bounce back with innovative measures like the ones mentioned above. Alongside, occupancy rates are on the wane for outdoor advertising and this helps advertisers pick up clusters together without any hassles. There are discounts provided on the basis of multiple billboards commissioned owing to the falling rates in today’s times. Billboard advertising is making its presence felt in mainstream strategies of brands and how! There are even brand marketing messages now tailored around them.

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