Why do big brands really need advertising and marketing?


If you’re an advertising agency wondering whether a big brand will really need you or not, you’re in for a lucky surprise! Most big brands are the ones who consistently fuel the advertising and marketing industries. This may sound surprising at first but Fortune 500 companies and brands like Pepsi, Coca Cola and Lays are the ones who actually require marketing and advertising on an ongoing basis and earmark big chunks of their budgets for the same. Consider Coca Cola, one of the world’s biggest and most successful brands and they still spend billions of dollars every year on their advertising and marketing initiatives.

A small business or micro-business is worried about surviving in its target market and hence their investments. However, once these companies reach a certain target, they may stop investing altogether. Big brands, on the other hand, look at marketing and advertising as complete nourishment for customers and realize the effect this strategy has on keeping them on top of the pile. Big brands know that true results are derived only out of innovation and marketing and hence their need for consistent advertising. A big brand needs advertising to keep its reputation intact and stay on top of people’s minds without rotting out or going out of sync. This also helps shape target customer bases on a regular basis and brings in new customers and helps retain old ones through the right visuals, messaging and strategies.

Most importantly, all big brands know that no matter how much success they attain, advertising and marketing is what keeps theme relevant in a rapidly evolving landscape. Marketing and advertising keeps the company’s future secured by drawing new business. Big brands do not rely on current situations; they create newer harvests in advance.  This is why, they need more advertising than other micro businesses that only resort to advertising whenever they fall short of goals or desperately need more work to keep the cash flow position intact. As a result, an advertising agency like Rego Advertising knows that it is indispensable for big brands looking to retain a firm foothold in the market with sustained and evolving campaigns and hence offer tailored solutions accordingly.


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