Zappy Products launched by Rego Advertising



The Objective

Anand Bhog wanted to introduce their new instant mix brand. It consisted of ready to eat, ready to cook and ready to drink mixes. They needed a positioning and brand name that showed it as a healthy and convenient food brand. Also, they needed collaterals and BTL advertising to promote that brand.

The Campaign

2 10 chutney 1 chutney 2 sugarcane juice


Rego came up with different ideas and positioning to promote the brand. The one that clicked well with the client was – ‘Zappy makes you happy’. The idea of Zappy is to bring the convenience of enjoying good food. One that can be made in an instant and taste just like home made. From packaging to brochures, posters, stall designs, etc. A 360 degree branding campaign was done for Zappy. To create the brands presence in the digital world a website was also designed and social media posts were made.

The Result

zappy website

Recently launched in the market, Zappy has received a positive response by the consumers and dealers alike.

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