Why we all love Social Media



In recent years, social media has grown and become a marketing tool to attract consumers and stay connected with them. The statistics show that traditional media has taken a backseat and will continue to do so, while we will see a rise in social media and social media marketers. It’s not only marketers but we also love social media. The reasons are as follows –

  • Connectivity – After the introduction of social media, it has now become easy to stay connected with many people at a time, even those who stay in different parts of the world.
  • Engaging –In social media, everyday is different. If you follow a few people, brands or media; you can get lots and lots of interesting and useful information. Some of the content on social media is so gripping that one is thoroughly entertained.
  • Feedback – Social media is used by marketer to see what their consumers feel about a campaign or a product. They can also reply to a complaint or query a lot quicker.
  • To the point- Social media posts are more precise and directly come to the point rather than telling it indirectly such as with long chains of emails.
  • Easy to access – Anyone, anytime and from any place can connect with the help of mobile or from desktop. Thus, giving them freedom and access of knowledge as well as 24×7 connectivity. All you need is an internet connection.
  • Stay up-to-date – Social media even acts a news channel, where in people can get to know what is happening around the globe immediately. People get to know what’s trending around the globe and that too in real time.

Thus social media have provided brands not only a solution to reach and but also a better medium to connect with them on a regular basis while the consumers reflects their day to day activities on the social media. Social media is the new age source of entertainment and knowledge for people of varied age groups. It has also helped everyone to explore, connect and come close with each other than ever before.

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