Case Studies

The Objective

Sleek is one of the first modular kitchen companies in India. They were growing moderately every year. They wanted an agency to handle all the corporate and dealer advertisement requirements.

What Rego did for Sleek

Rego not only took care of all the advertising and communication needs of Sleek, but also gave them its brand positioning that set the graph soaring for Sleek. The creative team derived a Brand Positioning that cut through all the challenges the brand was facing when it came to consumer confidence. It was the Big Idea that was soon going to change the fortunes of Sleek, cut through their competition, and put them in a leadership position in the market.

Brand Campaign 2011-2012

Our next strategy was to rope in a brand ambassador to further push our Brand Positioning of ‘The Kitchen Specialist’, pointed towards India’s most popular master chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The idea that ‘A Specialist like Sanjeev Kapoor endorses the Kitchen Specialist - Sleek’ was a proposition that appealed to the client.

Sanjeev Kapoor became Sleek’s Brand Ambassador, and he drove home the point of Sleek being a ‘Kitchen Specialist’.

The next brand campaign with Sanjeev Kapoor in a Sleek Kitchen, talking in a most matter-of-fact way about what makes Sleek a Kitchen Specialist, was an extremely believable campaign that won the trust of the consumer, and praise from even the competition.

The Result

In over 5 years of Rego’s Branding of Sleek, enabled Sleek to grow 5 times. Their dealer network grew from 100 in 2009 to 900+ dealers today. Sleek has given immense awareness due to the Brand Positioning created by Rego – Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist. The biggest impact was the merger with Asian Paints in 2013.