Case Studies

The Objective

Today Magnum is one of the world’s leading ice-cream brands, selling one million units annually worldwide.

The objective was to launch Magnum for the 1st time in India – Chennai with a unique extensive brand image that would create a brand recall and attract the right kind of audience. And build double sales than the competitor with creative selling techniques.

The Strategy

We thought of a celebrity endorsing the brand Magnum. The famous celebrity of the South, “Trisha” was introduced as the Ambassador of the brand. Now to build more popularity we thought of places that would be unusual or not expected other than malls, events, hotels, etc. We thought of a creative way to introduce the brand to the young adult.

We targeted the Inox Theatre in Chennai (Weekends – Saturday & Sunday).

While everybody was seated at their respective places, we made Trisha, the Brand Ambassador appear on screen before the movie starts. She greets and surprises everyone too. We thought of an idea that will blow the TG’s mind. She calls out to the audience and invites one out of them to share the screen with her. The girl appears on the screen, Trisha requests her to taste and experience one of the newly launched Magnum Ice-cream flavour. With just the 1st bite, she experiences the real ice-cream pleasure and richness in taste. And to justify the royal richness we sprinkled flowers from above, made the girl feel like a princess. She was then told to walk down the red carpet. Soon she disappeared from the screen & sat back with the audience to enjoy the movie.

The Result

The audience at the cinema felt that Trisha was really backstage. Most of them even went back screen to see whether Trisha was really promoting or sharing the ice cream. A new and a different experience were felt by the audience. All were thrilled and generously wanted to taste the ice cream.

Biggest collection by the newly launched product:

On 1st Day: 220 Ice-creams were sold at Inox.
On 2nd Day: 325 Ice-creams were sold at Inox.

This video was also shown on You-tube & other social network sites.